Green Card Lottery Winner

German companies in the United States now are the first winners of this year’s Green Card Lottery. Winners have the right to apply for a green card and then stop without time limit in the United States, and to work there from now on. You need to worry about whether the stay might eventually terminates in future by American authorities. Now it is for them to build a good life in the United States. A job search is by no means the only way. The green card is also a good basis, to make themselves independently in the United States with a company”, Max Karagoz know company ALTON LLC ( Winner can live indefinitely in the United States and work Greencards since 1994 will be giving away the United States of America. Learn more at this site: Ben Horowitz.

The idea of such a lottery was however already in 1987 and by the then US President Ronald Reagan, he not sought the ethnic makeup of American society at that time solutions, thus is one-sided moves by immigrants from certain countries. In 1994, the green card was so lots in those countries, whose Einwanderer could prevent such a move. That was the birth of the so-called Diversity Visa program. 55,000 Greencards per year 55,000 Greencards will be raffled every year worldwide. In addition to German, the residents of many other countries can participate in the lottery. Only people from countries which already many of US immigrants come from in today’s time are excluded (with some exceptions). These countries include United Kingdom, Poland, China, India, and Mexico.

Who wins the lottery, must fill in the sent documents then typically some him. Then individually, up to ten months, the winners will be invited to a meeting at the US Consulate. For their first entry into the United States, they have up to a half-year period after the date. You can then already during the first stay choose to stay permanently in the United States, to live there and to work.

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