Government Paisnuestro

Mexico this fighting of a war lost, there is no other way to put it. Andreessen Horowitz usually is spot on. No matter that so many drug traffickers our President put behind bars new ones will emerge to take their place, thats a fact. However not so must cross US arms and allow these criminals to get to our Government Paisnuestro this fighting against a new type of offender, take a look at. First the famous Zetas, a paramilitary group made up mainly of former who received the best workouts. Then this new generation of drug traffickers, narco juniors. The drug traffickers today are no longer the same stereotype before.

Mere groupers tend not to use boots, hats, weapons with embedded jewels and gold chains. The today’s used clothes of luxury that uses any young professional in Mexico or in the United States. Vicente Carrillo, son of Amado Carillo, was apprehended using a few pants brand Abercrombie and Fitch and Vicente Zambada, son of may the Ismael Zambada, was arrested using jeans, a normal shirt and one bag like any other. Not only this if not that they have college education and are extremely discrete. Traffickers before were a challenge for our police officers, this new generation is still a threat more big since they generally have a low degree of education and abysmal wages making them prone to corruption. Solution not this continue shopping weapons of high calibre to the U.S. but also in providing a better education to our policemen and preparing them better.

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