And it may be, also, that is you believe it is both discover how is cost above assert? by way of defence? that this governance has served as never before to the citizenry, to the entire country, but at the same time does not seem capable of protecting it. Go that it is difficult, if to the moment in which you persuade the parishioner so that you do not atropellen you should get away and look at more later? from step?! how the driver touches the ass Prosecutor! And it is not you accuse you of slight or accommodative, from the angle of the ideological. Do not. For this reason it is not. You can feel revolutionary, person who takes risks every day on the street and boasts of it, mixing with his people, incapable of moving his support to the management of Government, Government that, despite the flaws, aspires to the beauty of humanizing the man; but it is clear that not all the country is like you who is patriotic and revolution with the Government, forgiving of details, although those details sometimes almost kill him. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Umpleby. You know with disappointment, he has read many loose hearts, these compromising, palpitating of conveniences of the moment, majority if by majority. And there are many of them on the streets, raising his voice, jumping the curb, saving his life, imploring God for a settlement, creating that that the technicians call an array of opinion. Wow, not is that you are bravo with Chavez.

You know the whole thing which is. You know that it is safer that he does not know of the problem, and that the lower levels of Government are the real culprits. But you arrecha equally, because it gives you courage that the opponent argued that you away from people, which is mounted in a car, on a plane, in a presidential chair, and take then distance national everyday (even if the President says many times coming out incognito to traverse City); tell him that this Government gradually is not of this world. It alebresta although, as we have already said, we are clear in that things are not so necessarily, but fanatical of the opponent or the weak mouth mental and ideological. Ay, ay! And what is worse, because not in opposition squalid soul, but on their own: turns on its head the conviction that Government is an orphan on public assistance, that which is related to propaganda, the matrices of opinion and surveys. Why? Overdid, is slow to react! For example, you have mounted the opposition already thousands of desacreditadoras campaigns through its media and now was that, after ten years, he reacted by inserting at waist to some stations; the problem of hoarding and barely, killed after losing electoral points, was that he reacted to bring to heel the thief; screwed him the hucksters with daily uncertainty created in pathways, and pum!, recently is that it is solving the roll. All this after opposition political, perfidious and recalcitrant, you

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