Gerhard Daiger Is Senator And Receives Coveted Industry Award

“Federal economic prize goes to Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH in Radolfzell, and for the first time at the Constance Gerhard R. Daiger, owner of Dr. Walser dental, recently received the dignity of Honorary Senator h.c. and at the same time the highest economic price by the Federal Senate, the Goldjupiter”. Among the well-wishers were German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister President Gunther Oettinger, Minister of Economic Affairs Ernst Pfister, who spoke the word of greeting. What the Hollywood actors of the Oscar, is the German medium-sized businesses in the Goldjupiter. “The Goldjupiter symbolizes the Honourable principle of the Roman Senate in ancient times: call for the youth and promote, support the old”.

And the present winners of this coveted trophy is the Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH, Radolfzell. So far 23 entrepreneurs have received 4 million companies this economic price. The ceremony was held on the 25.9.09 in Konstanz in the Industrie – und Handelskammer with numerous guests from politics and economy. The Deputy Chief Executive of the Chamber of Commerce, immo held the greeting and eulogy Leisinger, who was also the career of Gerhard Daiger. Alone since 2006, has won the Dr.

Walser dental 12 awards and made 300 innovations. The Federal Senate economics and technology in the social economy-education-work (WBA) Berlin Germany Federation, registered in the public list of the German Bundestag, presented, represented by the President Siegfried Auffermann, coveted Economics Prize Goldjupiter”to Gerhard Daiger. Recognized Daigers outstanding social and entrepreneurial skills are herewith. With this gold-plated statue of the WBA distinguishes each economically responsible, which serve the public interest of the people of Germany in a special way through their work and their achievements and the aim of which is to make an effective contribution to improving the sustainability of business and society in the Federal Republic of Germany by the creation and maintenance of training and job creation. At the same time, the holder of Dr. Walser received dental by the Federal Senate the deed to the conferment of the honorary causa Senator h.c. (Federal Senate economics and technology, Europe Senate to promote the economic, scientific, and cultural relations between the countries and regions in Europe, and Germany). Gerhard R. Daiger was thus brought to the Federal Senate in Berlin and is now part of the 100-member body. The Dr. Walser dental has an above-average training rate of 29%. Comparison: so the training quota by large corporations is 2 to 5 percent just. But on average, the rate is training companies at 6.4 percent. Considering the training quota in the craft with its many small businesses, so this is an average 10 percent.

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