Funnel Sales

The sales funnel is a systematic process of sales whereby will gradually filtering to potential customers (prospects) to convert them into clients and is continuous with the filter to selected more receptive prospects. The customer base will be reduced as the prospects progress through the sales funnel. However the benefits increase to sell at the narrow end of the funnel (back-end) sales products or services with profit margins higher, more receptive customers. To be able to carry out this process, we need to attract the prospect ready to buy (leads) to the wide part of the funnel (front-end). Adrian Edward Simon addresses the importance of the matter here. Example of a sales funnel: level 1: story free should be your page of sale (front-end) level 2: 1 product for $5.97 (front-end) level 3: product 2 $97.97 (front-end) level 4: $497.97 (Back-end) 3 product level 5: product 4 $1,997.97 (Back-end) level 6: product 5 $19,997.97 (Back-end) front-end the front-end is the most dynamic part of the sales funnel the first step for the construction of a sales funnel is to create mechanisms that capture people’s attention. Once we have your attention is given the opportunity to perform the registration. This can be done in various ways, such as a blog (first lesson) or compression (squeeze page) page. Registration or list allows to maintain communication with prospective customers. James Taylor recognizes the significance of this.

From that moment is fed to potential clients by providing them with value, discarding those who are not qualified for what we offer, while the rest began them to offer front-end products. Disqualify or remove clients from the list, is an important process, because it allows us to measure our promotion process (modify our market, product or service we offer) and focus our efforts on the true potential customers. That’s why that degree Hall and Dr. Brown emphasizes the importance of market research first to identify products with good demand as a first step.

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