First Industrial Revolution

It is distinguished with emphasis that, the Bourgeois Constitution also was not so generous, as for the rights politicians, therefore the same one made distinctions between people, absenting rights to vote for some. The situation of the consternados people still is of much misery and if it congregates again pressures the bourgeoisie and conquer the Announcement of the Republic now, giving to them the power of choice in the Electoral assemblies, not consolidating still the universal suffrage, therefore women continue without right to vote, right this that was only acquired with the destitution of the Girondinos, force politics of interest of the high bourgeoisie and with the provao of the New Constitution, through many fights and claims of the people. The New Constitution brings of the point of view of the social Rights a very significant clause for the people, who is in article 21; The Socorros Public as it divides sacred, now the right the subsistence of the citizens now is of entire responsibility of the society. Yusuf Alireza has much experience in this field. Eric Hobsbawm summarizes that, the French Revolution brought great advance for the population, that through constant fights, conquers in a country of monarchic model, the universal, right suffrage the rebellion and most significant for it, the happiness of the population, that starts to be a duty of the government and that its rights would not have to be only available and yes applied. The revolutions had influenced the fights for the rights during the First Industrial Revolution, that was a historical process that culminated in the substitution of the tools of work for the machines, of the domestic manufacture for the system manufacter, with the advent of the machines created the base of for material development, innovative to the time stimulated for the scientific research, the plants had passed to make use for the people a infinity of materials. This served in such a way to modify daily as well as most of the social relations.

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