Financially Aided Tax

Use when installing a stairlift grants and tax benefits dependent can introduced the responsible care fund a request for a financial grant to. -The German tax law offers the possibility to make the tax an exceptional burden parental claim control. The maintenance fund shall issue a grant those in care and their relatives can make a request on a financial grant to the responsible care office if, for example, installing a stairlift/seat lift in the home is required, and thus in some cases home care allows or greatly facilitates or improves a possible independent lifestyle of the care recipient. The relevant regulations of “Measures for improving the individual living environment” is laid down in the social code eleventh book (SGB XI) article 40, paragraph 4. The grant amounts to maximum 2.557,00 euro per measure. The Equity of care itself constitutes 10 percent of the cost of the measure, but not more than 50 percent of his monthly gross income to live on.

As a prerequisite, can make a request, heard the existing classification to a maintenance level. A tax advantage granted to the financial Office installing a stairlift at home of needy in the tax law is considered exceptional load and can accordingly the tax as a tax-reducing asserted. This, the IRS requires that the disability is in advance was evidenced by a certificate of vertrauensarztliche or be. The filing of this certificate, to apply this special tax advantage for themselves, is not possible. In addition, funding opportunities consist in appropriate conditions in the social services (barrier-free renovations to their apartment). Because installing a stairlift with high costs, is to sense the possibilities of financial support take advantage of.

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