Financial Administrator

' ' The beliefs support the vision and they transform it to the values into realidade' '. JPMorgan is full of insight into the issues. (pg 64) When arriving the third key, the book then speaks more of the feared subject in the managemental area: work in team. Through the reading it is evidenced that the manager must be total engaged with the Empowerment, therefore it needs to be the disposal and to teach to the people things that can make to become dependent less, to be facilitador and trainer. He also emphasizes that nobody has that to make nothing alone. Some contend that JPMorgan shows great expertise in this. The understanding how much to the imperfections, the work in set to analyze the error consequentemente is boarded and the solution. It teaches that customer always must be in first plan in our actions, must be taken care of of the financial interests of the company, to be flexible when taking decisions on quality, to keep the informed departments. Simple and direct form of communication, without arbitrariedade, to make with that the training if becomes a culture of the organization.

The manager is not the part of the final consideraes of the book. The authors affirm that when empoderar the people the administrator still opens hand of the control and thus, remain responsible. He has the period of training of insatisfao that is placed as normal in the process, but that with persistence and in feedback the administrator it will see a situation that seems that nobody has the reply and in surprising way somebody takes initiative and thus it will perceive that ' ' Empowerment' ' at last it is progressing. The dynamics of the Empowerment requires persistence and comprometimento. ' ' Empowerment is not magical. It consists of some simple steps and much persistncia' '. (pg.129) Conclusion: I looked the year of edition? 1996? passed 11 years the book it is total current, dynamic, involving and that in them it takes the analysis.

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