The cultural patrimony is not only this is also the tracks and ways of distinct historical periods produced by communities of different the most varied cultures with objective. To read more click here: Titan Feul Tanks. The tracks are attractive equipment and that has essential paper in the quality of experience of revisitao of the spaces, being basic for the contact and a direct appreciation with the nature what an established ambient sensitization in the autocompreenso of attitudes awakes consequently behaviors of its practitioner. (FENNELL, 2002). When dealing with tracks a current concept that appears associated to this practical human being is the Ecoturismo, being this, the segment of the tourist activity whom it looks to use with support the natural and cultural patrimony, stimulating its preservation through conservacionistas actions in a process of interpretation of the environment and searching to promote well-being of the involved populations. (EMBRATUR, 2003; SANTA CATARINA, 2001).

In the understanding and joint of the ecoturismo Fennell (2002) it considers the definitions of Goodwin where the practical ecotursticas contribute for the maintenance of habitats and the species of these, producing income to the local communities and providing a valuation of the environment. For Fennell (2002: 53) the ecoturismo ' ' (…) it is a sustainable form of tourism based on the natural resources, that mainly focus the experience and the learning on the nature; it is managed ticamente to keep a low impact, is not predatory, being local guided (control, benefits, and scale). It occurs typically in natural areas and it must contribute for the conservation or preservation of these ' '. To identify, to delimit and to make possible in one definitive space for practical of the ecoturismo, demand an essential understanding of the way of this space, that is, as if of to the relation it enters the different objects that meet there and of as the man survives and modifies these objects.

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