Enviromental Law

The present work has as subject the legal protection of the fauna with endorsement in Law 9,605/98, law of ambient crimes. The related article technician deals with the environment, searching to value the beings who compose the natural world, in special the fauna. It approaches as effective mechanism of protection, not only the legal tools, aiming at to awake the ethical awareness and moral, of the human beings it stops with the animals. It detaches the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, that brings, in important Chapter VI, the well essential environment as for a healthy quality of life, attributing to the Public Power, and the society as a whole, the duty of ambient preservation. To broaden your perception, visit John O. Utendahl. The present work also deals with the crimes against the fauna, especially of the crime of bad-treatments and cruelty against the animals, made use in art. 32 of the above-mentioned law, that has as basic objective to tutor the Brazilian legal fauna in face of the atrocities committed for the human beings. In this manner, it still turns, on the concept of wild fauna. Ademais, remains clearly, that the main objective of the work is to point, that exactly with well elaborated necessary legal instruments and, as the Constitution and the law of ambient crimes, the cruelty with that the fauna is dealt, still it is a problem that is valid in this country..

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