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Duty notice boards in accordance with the latest regulations and standards ensure the operation with obligation to hang out and code of conduct in accordance with the latest regulations and standards are suspended employees to more caution. Serious accidents on the premises can be avoided. HEIN industrial plates GmbH offers an extensive range of safety campaigns and codes of conduct that are essential for the smooth operation. For every purpose, HEIN has the appropriate placement in the offer and provides within one day. For the safe operation and possible electrical fire fighting HEIN provides notices and rules of conduct that comply with the VDE regulations. The posters are available as stickers, aluminium plate or plastic plate available in german or English. Especially for low-voltage installations, HEIN is recommended posters from formica. Because no electric shocks occur when touching of formica”, because the static loading through a high Surface tension is avoided.

In addition, this material is shock – and scratch – resistant. Formica is still extremely temperature resistant and suitable for outdoor applications up to approx. 150. Also follow notices, such as, for example, the extract from the General accident prevention regulations”provide more safety in the workplace. Informed employees just safer? HEIN range a variety of such precautions can be found, cause the employee to more safety in the workplace. If despite of all rules of conduct still happen and there are an emergency first aid posters show immediately correct and responsible action. HEIN industrial plates GmbH offers first aid posters in a variety of sizes and types. Especially first help boards, which set out a correct behaviour when it comes to accidents due to electrical current.

Special: All first aid posters by HEIN are available within a day. Especially for a safe Crane operation is recommended for crane operator HEIN BG notices and operating instructions. The operating instructions are available in 4 materials and 3 sizes. Crane operator with the 4 x 4 features rules for the crane operators have everything in sight”, also can be found in the Grove range. Learn more about the wide range of duty hanging out and code of conduct can be found store/default/de/navigation/aushaenge.html in the online-shop at. You can find online shop with over 15,000 products around the professional designation In the online-shop of HEIN industrial plates GmbH under about 15,000 professional labelling machine and workplace products! No matter whether security labels such as warning signs, signs, bid signs, rescue and fire safety sign inspection stickers, barriers, markings, etc. get all products in top quality and top conditions!

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