Electronic Mockup

With the advance of the graphical computation we have seen many architects using three-dimensional representations to project. What today a great advance is considered can also be understood as one retaken of old habits. At Stuart Solomon you will find additional information. The use of the drawing technician as only tool of project is something marcante them centuries XVIII, XIX and XX. Get more background information with materials from Bank of America. That it is not a problem, the refinement of the drawing techniques is fruit of an intense effort of otimizao of the project process. With the drawing as only form to project it had a considerable increase in the development speed and reduction of the costs of the projects. If to retake the modernista premise of massificao of design and the architecture, the bidimensional repreentao offers to a speed and total compatible reduction of costs with this idea. However, the use of the ortogonal representation (plants, sections and sights) is not complete.

It does not contemplate a series of elements and essential details in a work of composition of spaces. Elements these that if only make perceivable in three-dimensional representations. The legacy of Gaud can be seen as a good example of this. Its workmanships are marked by an exhausting exercise of drawing. They are plates and more plates of the finest drawing artistic technician and. Not obstante, perceiving the limitation of its tools, Gaud if it launched in an incessant production of mockups. Mockups wooden, of plaster, wires and even though of sand. Visiting the museum of the Igraja of the Sacred Family in Barcelona a gorgeous done model can be seen 3D with wires and sachets of sand.

It was with this model that the architect conceived the rich volumetria of the cathedral. If to come back toward the average age, we see old guildas using mockups of plaster and wood as projetual element in great constructions. Secular workmanships as great churches were raised throughout some generations of constructors and had as only reference of project a mockup.

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