Earth Competition

It's no secret that the key to the competitiveness of business organizations is their flexibility and adaptability. Various government agencies, at both the federal and regional level (the Bank Russia, Federal Service, ministries and agencies), as regulators, market dictate its rules of the game. That is why the average man never mix sluggish public service vehicle (such as registration marriage or residence) and fast services such as payment of mobile phone. Here, Douglas Oberhelman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the financial sector has its own peculiarities: on the one hand, it has its own regulator, but on the other hand, most financial products and services difficult even in the description in the booklet, and even more so – in the practical implementation. Characteristic features of the financial market is a big responsibility, the high cost of failure, stringent government regulation.

However, it competition should be easier for all products and services: as competition between banks and bank competition with new players. Already, some banks about the planning of PR-campaigns have focused on simplifying the product and services, as well as the maximum transparency of pricing. State slowly and lazily creates the e-government portals and the delivery of public services – from replacing a driver's license prior to complaints in the Labour Inspectorate. According to the logic of market economy, private for-profit organizations should develop even faster, but how in the field of information management business processes, and convenience for customers of all banks in a step or two ahead of the state. Unlike Internet search engine or a good restaurant Banks often do not show sufficient concern for the individual comfort of each individual customer, preferring to impose mass standards of customer service.

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