Dom Quixote

No literary-artistic movement was so rebellious and revolutionary as the romantic one, where the rule biggest is the individual inspiration, whose ideals were the freedom, the equality and the fraternity, come back to the subjects of its time, politician, social and passion, fight and revolution, in the case of Cervantes the search of the reality through the subjetivismo, the intuition, the inspiration and the espontaneidade lived by it in the hour of the creation. The art for the romantismo is the direct expression of the emotion and not it imitation, ‘ ‘ Palco is our universe and in it we can in such a way modify as to create new and multiple realidades’ ‘ , it says Brown Carlos, and Dom Quixote, was changedded into the hero, a hero of unanswerable behavior, one ‘ ‘ louco’ ‘ , thus called for the great majority, but, it defended the weak ones with its universe of literature making with that mills of winds were taken as giant perverse, the flock of enemy sheep considered an immense army and the basin of the barber who was seen as ‘ ‘ fabuloso helmet of Mambrino’ ‘ , they are tickets that already had been become incorporated the unconscious one of the humanity, a species of escape, since in romantic the not accepted reality, comes back to the past, its infancy to the description. Reasons for the fancy and the imagination, the romantic artist starts to idealize everything, the things is not seen as really they are, but as she would have to be. Thus the woman is seen as virgin, fragile beautiful, submissa and unattachable, the love almost always is spiritual. Dom Quixote idealized a called peasant Aldona, needed to repay its victories to a lady and it it gave the name of Dulcinria. Certain feelings, as the pessimism, the homesickness, the sadness, nostalgia and the disillusion, are constant in the romantic workmanship, as well as in the one of Dom Quixote, do not perceive the consuming of its body and, unhappyly, as proper it affirms, only it returns to the reality, when already it is at the final moments of uses life. It dies sorry, but in peace for having it in time done.

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