CRM System

Followed with a slight lag 6% selected back-office, a variety of CRM-tools that help agents build individual work with clients to understand more of his know about his desires and preferences, the more quickly prepare any form of documents, reports and forms. It does not require proof that the timely processing and analysis of baseline data will allow the company to be more flexible and competitive, to make good management and strategic decisions. Priority registration and monitoring of financial performance and business face. Interconnection and integration with a variety of banking, accounting systems, accounting managers and accountants to facilitate the daily work of making and tracking payments, recording income for each manager or the office, cost control and preparation of financial statements. For even more opinions, read materials from Caterpillar. We will not vouch for the specialized software, but with full responsibility as an example of the "universal IT-solutions a set of required features tour agencies can result in software system (back-office system) SELF-travel agent. This system is designed so that all the necessary tools are at your fingertips in one base, were clear, effective and accessible to managers, accountants, department heads and directors. SAMO-TourAgent allows you to: create and maintain a customer base, store information about applications and personal data tourists, business partners, prices, offers tour operators to use the built-in templates of documents for travel, search and booking tours for the biggest tour operators, store, Booked application and receive confirmation of reservation; posting online search and booking of tours, you can receive applications from visitors at once in the self-agents; generate financial and statistical reports for accountants and managers; to monitor the effectiveness of managers, use built-in organizer, scheduler, system and remind other useful features. .

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