CreditServices, first network of financial tax exemptions, proposes the figure of the Financial Adviser to restrain the increasing rate of dilatoriness, that could reach 6% before finishing the year. The dilatoriness of the credits granted by banks, boxes, cooperatives and financial establishments of credit (EFC) to individuals and companies closed July in the level of 5.47%, being highest from March of 1996, according to data of the Bank of Spain. These data would also be authenticated by UBS Spain that it would have anticipated that the rate of dilatoriness of the Spanish banking system would grow until arriving at 6% in the next months existing an hidden dilatoriness in the buildings acquired by banks and boxes. In fact, according to the calculations of the Bank of Spain and the International Monetary Fund, the banks and boxes would be accumulated lands and buildings by 84,500 million Euros at the end of 2010 and would own more than 250,000 finished houses and other 160,000 without finishing, almost a third of the leftover stock. For this reason, now it is when it is more necessary figure of the Financial Adviser who created in Spain the CreditServices company. Consultants, with much experience, who look for the best financing and legal solutions among all the Spanish and foreign financial organizations, specializing in difficult financings even with non-payments and/or embargoes. This company, formed by than 1,500 professionals with experience more demonstrated, dedicated to the insuring, banking and enterprise advising has known to re-invent itself and to resurge like the Bird Fnix after years of economic convulsion and a world-wide crisis in the financial system.

CreditServices, with a hundred of establishments of financial intermediation of street and member on foot adhered of A.S.N.E.F with a-323 number and founding partner of ANCOF (National Association of Financial Consultants), continues betting by the creation of new financial products that adapt to the present needs of the users. Damos answers as much to the clients who want the best conditions so many in the financings as in the insurances, companies and individuals, like a those that time does not have to go of bank in bank or to buy the supplies of the insuring companies and mainly cannot move to the power stations or they do not have the volume necessary to be able to accede to the preferential agreements that we yes have, explains Javier Lopez, president of CreditServices. CreditServices is a private company formed by economists, lawyers and experts financial analysts, with more than one decade of experience in the banking and enterprise advising to different corporations, small and medians companies and individuals. Member it is adhered to the National Association of Financial Establishments of Credit, and its objective is to look for the solution any financing or refinancing for companies and individuals. In order to establish a tax exemption the premises in a starting phase are not needed. The necessary investment includes a canon from 6,000 Euros (analyzing the zones of exclusive feature), and royalties of 5% of the invoicing (minimum 300 Euros the first months). In one second phase the premises must have 50 on foot m2 of street, and the total investment, that recovers in 14 months, is placed around 12,000 Euros.

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