Creditomovil extends the term of return of all their loans in small amounts throughout the Spanish territory of 15 to 30 days. Spanish families are lucky now, already that any incident, unexpected, extraordinary expense that arises with immediacy may be solved quickly, agile and without paperwork with CREDITOMOVIL.ES previously, repayment of these loans of small amounts should be made in 15 days, so many families in difficult situation could not return in that period of time the quantities requested. CREDITOMOVIL.ES wanted to extend this period for even closer to this group and offer instant and without explanations solutions to small needs that occur within the family more often. For quantities between 50 euros for an unexpected commitment, up to 400 euros, (before 300 EUR) for an unforeseen event at home, you can access this loan to the consumption of small amounts without collateral and only in 10 minutes. To make the request it is essential to have 21 years and not be in any Spanish default file, they are the only essential requirements to have immediate liquidity and meet that small need that arises we and do not want to resign or why we do not wish to wait. These loans can be ordered via SMS or Web page, being able to use new technologies and your privacy, agility and safety to make the request and are returned in a period of 30 days.

Small loans granted by CREDITOMOVIL.ES in Spain, are intended to meet the immediate economic needs, an unplanned extraordinary expense, a gift surprise or even an unfortunate family breakdown. Thus they cover any need for unforeseen liquidity of its clients with total agility and assurance. You can already apply for a small credit for dental review of your children, this excursion that you promised them to your children, that trip to Disneyland, fix or replace that old washing machine or the expense of unexpected phone that occurred this month, and that you have not paid your new wheels of the car, that payment of the home insurance either that spending you’ve not yet done by not having an immediate liquidityfast, agile and guaranteed. More information at: customer service phone: 902052383 E-mail: Web: on Creditomovil Creditomovil of group Ferratum is a Finnish financial dedicated to granting loans of small amounts. Present in more than 15 countries in Europe, group Ferratum is leader in the industry offering the market a quick, effective and transparent operating as a solution to problems of immediate liquidity. With loans of small amounts ranging from 50 euros to 300 euros and return over a period of 15 days, Creditomovil offers an immediate solution given that income into the account of the clients can be effective in less than ten minutes. The process to formalize these loans is exempt from any kind of paperwork that the requests are made through the website or by SMS, sending a text message to the 27227.

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