Creating Efficiency In The Company

And it does Barcelona daily with pornographic content. Presentation by Victor Puig. Online Reputation. Good basic paper but the reputation online. (As opposed to Caterpillar). After Fernando Macia, the best so far.

Common-sense solutions on the participation of the business on the Internet: improving quality and efficiency of the controlling company’s reputation online. It is this subject came up at dinner the day before and I said that the best way of solving a case is responsible for the company tries to solve the problem through the blog. It is common sense that if you see a negative comment and then someone puts a comment in charge a Holt rate, I am X, responsible for company X and I like to help with the problems of our product, bla, bla, blaa a . For more information see Howard Schultz. This clears the image of the company as it shows a concern for the customer and improve your product. A twitter of Congress phrase that perfectly reflects the theme of online honesty the only way to have a good reputation online.

Lecture by Ismael El Qusdi. They are little things that nobody tells you about the SEO With a touch of humor, Ismael has also directly convey the gift of a clear, direct language. With a toques as comments to the rapporteur of Yahoo giving the figure for the percentage, the famous 1% of the searches, or even a toques Miguel Orense and explanation on the volume of wanted to clarify the links doubts they may have assistants.

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