Construction Of Cottages In The Suburbs At Prices In 2007

Today, the life of urban people is at a frantic pace. The city did not have time to rest in a simple home, constantly pile on some problemy.Te who lives in a city apartment, know that at any moment may be faced with various problems. It can be as simple faults with hot water, constant problems with neighbors, and more important, such as rising prices for utilities and the lack of housing space. Moving outside the city will decide a lot of problems, help get rid of the hustle and bustle. Especially good move will affect children. They can, in contrast to the city, more than to be outdoors.

For construction of houses within the designated territory. In Moscow it Peredelkino areas highway, Kiev, Kaluga, Minsk. Their infrastructure is based on the needs of consumers of private .Ne Despite the development of the construction of houses, prices are still quite high. The cost of the cottage is the value of 4-5 room apartments in the town house. Price cottage is directly dependent on the value of land and cost construction and finishing works. You can see for yourself that our prices for construction work are among the lowest in the suburbs. However, at home, compared with a flat set of advantages.

The first stage of building your already available sites, is planning. At this point, is determined by the landscaping areas. When planning the cabin is determined by the place for additional buildings (this can be a swimming pool, playground, artificial pond, sauna and much more). Convenience of a country house depends on the correctness of the project. The second step is the chemical synthesis of soil geology of the site. At this stage, analysis of the location groundwater. Just at this time to identify other factors that significantly affect, and the construction of a cottage, a seasonal rainfall inherent in a given area, the salt composition of soils, flood water, etc. Your problems with the building will be less if all the negative factors will be considered during construction. In building a country house is an important step in laying the ground. Design of foundation should begin after the results with chemical analysis of soil. It should, pay special attention to waterproofing in case the results show the soil critical level of corrosive salts. Geologists are not advised to build any Building on sandy and muddy soils. Also, if you're going to start construction, special attention should be paid to the unit base. In this case, the foundation should be reinforced piles, with the addition of Ky Son.

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