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A good remedy is just walking with a load on her head. Typically used Collegiate Dictionary, but it can slip (not all, the same flat top!) And fall on his leg, causing a chilling scream, and as Consequently, a terrible commotion relatives and neighbors. By the same dictionary pity: two or three attempts, and have to buy a new one. To broaden your perception, visit Wendy Holman. Therefore it is better to sew the bag, the size of a brick, but the brick into it to invest does not necessarily (in the above reasons), it can be replaced with sand grains, sugar or salt. To this subject did not look terribly depressing, to pick cotton bag, or any other tissue merry colors, decorate his bows, feathers, if only you liked it There are also various devices that support back to erect state, but do not train your muscles. For example Medallion – switch.

Easy to use. Just hang it on your neck and walk (with straightened his back). But should you start to slouch as a question mark, immediately the device will tell you about it. Charging. On the horror Eli does not, then the item for you.

Strengthen your back muscles. Obtain not only a beautiful back, but good circulation of internal organs other than immunity, to increase their self-esteem, acquire self-confidence I already wrote about this in his articles: "The pain of the soul – a disease of the body" and "Lessons of psycho – the body reflection man's inner world. " Desire and mood – that are indispensable conditions for success in your attempts to correct posture. First, it is difficult. We have to constantly remember that it is not necessary in all surrounding objects, or to see the support, rather, support for your skeleton. At the head of a nail should sit thought: "Back back back " but then takes up the habit, and you begin to notice with surprise that it's done: and back straight, and gait marvelous. A general Try to walk this way: Imagine that the breast in the palm below the necks attached invisible thread, for which you pull forward and up to 45 degrees. Then straighten shoulders and proudly raises his head. At the same time try not to look at people down, many are offended. You can walk around and look into the distance, on the tops of the trees, back when it too well and getting better straighten shoulders. If the above need more your mother than you, spit at them, anyway none of your attempts will fail.

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