Climate Protection With CO2 Positive Houses

An Allgau wooden houses company makes it in the face of increasingly scarce energy resources and climate change, the world is facing one of its biggest challenges. New, future-securing routes must be undertaken to achieve the urgent CO2 reduction targets as soon as possible. An innovative manufacturer of wooden houses from the Allgau is one of the few suppliers for over 15 years with its full value houses”the prerequisite for CO2 neutral and met himself for CO2 positive building. They combine sustainability, ecology, and energy efficiency. For these conscious dealing with the rapidly decreasing natural resources, the company was certified with the EU eco management and audit in 1996. In the face of climate change, natural, even renewable raw materials such as wood are increasingly gaining importance.

As they escape the Earth’s atmosphere through carbon climate-damaging their high CO2 storage capacity. More than 50 tons of CO2 are saved with every wooden house by Baufritz. (This value is the average CO2 emissions of mid-size vehicle in 20 years at 10,000 km annual output.) The 40 inches strong and almost completely made of wood a material air barrier of these houses reduce the annual energy consumption on a few 100 litres of fuel oil, documented in the so-called energy passport. Also custom-fit energy, an air tightness concept and the specially developed wood shavings insulation provide innovative thermal insulation in. Modern heating technology, such as Holzpelletheizungen, heat pumps, ground collectors, deep probes or solar systems use natural energy resources.

The exclusive use of pollutant tested, environmentally-friendly materials is also allergic benefits evidenced by the seal ALLoKH”by the Institute of environment and health for allergy-friendly building. In addition, a special electro-smog protection level reduces the burden of electric radiation and fields. The unique offer of redemption by Baufritz also ensures a holistic climate protection to disposal. Nature points to a path, we take in the construction industry as an example should. “, says Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, the Managing Director of the family business. There is this climate protection houses turnkey basis from 231.800 euros.

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