Civil Code

At the same time to fulfill the requirements of Art. 215 Code of Civil Procedure of Ukraine court must necessarily order to motivate our conclusion. Essential in understanding the circumstances of Art. 551 CC of Ukraine can be considered as the degree of fulfillment of the obligation by the debtor, such as early repayment and interest, proved materials of the case difficult financial situation of the debtor, other parties' interests (not just the debtor) that deserve attention. The court should bear in mind that the position of Part 3. 551 Civil Code of Ukraine about reduction of the size penalties may be applied only to the interest that accrues as fine as they are the means of civil liability, or under Part 2 of Art. 625 CC of Ukraine, given its compensatory nature, and interest payable under the provisions of Art.

Art. 1054, 1056-1 Civil Code of Ukraine in this order shall not be reduced through the lack of comparability with the size of the principal, because they are the charges for the use of cash and are subject to payable by the debtor on the ground rules of monetary debt. Proper notification of the debtor with respect to raising interest rates on the loan is the way certain parties in the contract. The bank must prove that he informed the debtor properly. To confirm the proof of this court, in our opinion, may invoke the provisions of Code of Civil Procedure of Ukraine concerning referral procedures agendas and messages (so-called local item of evidence).

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