Chinese Economy

Jose Silveira de Oliveira was reading on the Chinese economy and observed that China today is buying many companies in Brazil deals to keep it external. I not only believe that in Brazil, but in some countries of third world also. Hear from experts in the field like Jonas Samuelson for a more varied view. That is the call globalizado world, that our parents not yet it knew to use to advantage due delays to it in our market. We live of an informal economy, where many people survive vendendo some thing. Job this nor if speaks, this very difficult for the young and the ones that have continue being under employment, where the wage base of the worker is of R$ 540,00 (Real). We see the opportunists who are the proper government with its showy competitions with tax of the highest registration, where many poor persons cannot make due at the cost of the registration, and much lie makes a lying proclamation, later does not pass nothing of the announced one. Some vendem its television to pay the value.

Politicians who only think about itself the nation and its people are in fifth plan, while they create factions to give themselves well, where already if it saw a party with acronym PSB to vote against the people and in favor of the government minimum wage of R$ 540,00 Reals if its ideology it is of the social one as can be this? Can this is one politics of conchavos, all want to give themselves well, and the people? It swims, has that to work to support this corja of LADRES-SAFADOS. Seeing, Sarney prefers the minimum wage to you of R$ 540,00 to be able to sobrar money to distribute positions of the government for allies and vagabonds. THIS IS OURS POLITICS. These disembarassed do not think about the people While the Chinese who liveed in United States and Brazil, where they believed that they would be the parents of the future, very turned parents delayed with much violence and corruption and DISEMBARASSED politicians stealing and finishing with the national industry and the wealth of the nation. .

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