This is a history, or will be a estria? All difference this in the sensitivity of who writes and of who he is the reader. Today, the reader is you, then you are one of the main personages, of this instant of ticket on a very small part of the registers of the book of the humanity ' ' In a small place of the Europe, known today as Iceland, a people existed, as he exists until the present, glad, festive, impulsive, healthful, that he does not fear the nothing, and that he likes its lands immensely. They are people of firm traces and that arts like them, even so very rude they are accustomed with the manual work. Clear people of clear tez, eyes, blond hair, and high stature. Its belief is in the life, God is present in the day the day, in the gifts of the day, the food, the works, music, the love, in the air, at last in that if it can experienciar with much joy. He is a special people. It was there that you lived, man of very work, I go to give a name to you, but is not this the necessarily true one, Horcio, warrior by its very nature, and conqueror of everything what enchanted its eyes.

You always were thus sagacious, conquering and strong Characteristics of true ' ' viking' '. Liveing in a village, the side-sea, immense a blue ocean its door, in one marries pretty that construira with much devotion. Man of many women, did not become attached itself to none The time passed, its family did not exist more, it passed of the forty years of age, and the love finally seems to have reached you. In mountains its liveed a family friend. You age the friend and protector of them, and they had some children.

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