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Meanwhile, the iPad also with UMTS is available contract. Many flat-rate deals offer discounts for devices. These are limited not only on a mobile phone or a laptop. Many vendors in their product range have also an iPad with contract. At the time when there was still no iPad tariff, there were 2 providers that offered an interim solution. Saturn and media – markets presented the iPad with a UMTS interface. The device was an O2 Mobile phone contract. Thus, the acquisition costs were reduced from 599,-Euro 99,-euro.

You received the 64 gigabyte version, instead of the unit price of 799,-euro for 299,-euro. The Treaty was accompanied by a minimum term of 24 months and cost 35,-euro per month. It was two data plans. For one, it was the Internet Pack L, that individually had a basic fee of 25,-euro. The data limit was 5 GB. Then the surfing speed was reduced significantly. Browsing with up to 7.2 Mbit previously in the second. Was the limit exceeded, one only with 64 kilobit / s could use the Internet.

There were also the inclusive package 100, the normal price was here at 10,-euro you 100 minutes could call free. It was irrelevant, in which network you are a selected. These minutes were gone, a unit cost then 0.29 euro. You received 2 SIM cards at the respective rates. One for the Apple iPad, to take advantage of the data rate, the other could be used in a mobile phone to make phone calls. Christopher Heinsius

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