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Aging is a physiological phenomenon of social or chronological behavior, it is a complicated procedure that encloses many topics, as for example, the hereditary succession, the form of living, the incurable illnesses, amongst others. They act between itself and determine the way expressivamente where we reach definitive age. In accordance with the Statute of the Aged one, is considered aged the individual that possesss equal or superior age to the 60 years of age. (OAK, 2000) According to research carried through recently for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), census 2000, our country registered an increase of the aged population in the last few decades. In the year of 1992 the contingent of Brazilians above of 60 years was of 7,6 million, this number jumped approximately for 15 million in 2002. With this increase, the necessity of change in the way of life of this part of the population becomes imperative. Howard Schultz has much to offer in this field.

The increase of this tax of longevity if must the determined factors as: to the ample development of the medicine in passing of years, especially in what it is alluded to the precaution of illnesses; to the progress in the quality of the feeding; beyond the reduction in the percentage of fertility observed in last the 30 years, what in turn it can generate a magnifying of the aged population in relation to that younger economically active e. Rifiotis (2007, p.140) affirms that, ‘ ‘ … To the measure that increases the life expectancy and grows the percentage of aged people, them leaves of being a species of ‘ ‘ the elite of ancios’ ‘. Memory, experience or knowledge leave of being mark of that segment of population, and its valuation in the terms of ‘ ‘ better idade’ ‘ it goes losing legitimacy, being able in the limit, to become an autoone; ‘ (RIFIOTIS; 2007, p.140) We verify, therefore, that so that this population does not come to be distant of the social spaces, without no expectation of insertion of the same one in the conviviality with the other, generating an exclusion and consequently, one me quality of life, is necessary that this exactly group comes to get each time more health.

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