Brazil Deficiency

It is the city where if they find the main movements of people with deficiency therefore, where much thing regarding the inclusion and of the accessibility happens, becoming it although the difficulties that all grating metropolis possesss, the city accessible of Brazil. The subway of So Paulo is one of the best ones of the world, all the new stations is accessible and some of the old stations had had the installation of elevators, but still it has diverse without no access for people with physical deficiency, what it is the most serious problem in view of the importance of this way of transport in the city of Are Pablo. The majority of the bus fleet already has systems of platforms or slopes and the forecast is that up to 2014 all the cars are adapted. Moreover, it has adapted fleets taxis to carry people in chairs from wheels, but few have financial conditions to use them. Some places, as for example, the Pinacoteca and the MAM, possess educational programs special for people with deficiency, who allow the contact to the art by means of multisensorial stimulatons, with special material and trained monitors. The Library of So Paulo, located in the Park of Youth, possesss a library Braille with diverse available systems, as reading of Braille, printer Braille, equipment that allow to the automatic document reading printed matters, etc. Beyond the cited examples many exist other options of adapted leisure and tourism for the most diverse types of deficiency. The biggest challenge is exactly the city and its streets, that many times do not possess sidewalk, or is in pssimo been of conservation, hindering the circulation of users of chairs of wheels and even though of pedestrians. Proper the sidewalk or obstacles in existing them they finish day-by-day if becoming barriers, being in the running it or being in a simple stroll.

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