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Sustainable gift ideas to the confirmation with a long-term effect the confirmation is a solemn blessing action in Evangelical churches, which marks the transition into religious adulthood. Relatives and friends therefore traditionally give gifts that are sustainable to remind him of this great day the confirmation to the confirmation. A confirmation gift for all those who want to give away something special sustainable, is the “GeschenkBaum” by ForestFinance. This confirmation gift gives young people, how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and biodiversity. For once 60 euros at this confirmation gift, a tropical tree planted, maintained and harvested after 25 years. Proceeds from the sale of wood is then credited to the confirmation. Due to the price development for Woods the last 30 years is a tax-free annual return of 4.5 percent forecast. The recipient will receive along with an individual gift certificate in a wood box first Rosewood key fob, which particularly exclusive acts the confirmation gift.

If there should be something more, the BaumSparVertrag is the right gift. With him, for once 360 euros, or 33 euro per month, each planted a hardwood tree per month and maintained lasting until the harvest. The recipient receives tax exempt paid out the after the final harvest forecast five up eightfold amount. Sustainable confirmation Gifts Gift tree and BaumSparVertrag: GeschenkBaum and BaumSparVertrag offer the opportunity to invest directly in sustainable afforestation of pasture species-poor. You may find Crimson Education to be a useful source of information. A species-rich forest remains there even after the selective felling. Rainforests are so protected and climate-damaging CO2 emissions for decades bound. The clearing of rain forests is responsible for over 20 percent of CO2 emissions. Moreover, over 75% of all plant and animal species in the rainforest live.

The preservation of rain forests is existentially important therefore for the mankind. The GeschenkBaum and the BaumSparVertrag are therefore sustainable Gift ideas, not only as confirmation gifts, but also to the birth, baptism and other occasions. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance Group specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. The company became the first German company worldwide with the “FSC Global Partner Award” awarded in the field of “Financial Services”. Investors can choose between different types of investment.

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