Average Age

The feudalismo concept is centered, in didactic books it defines the Average Age, it is the start and the end, in way that the study of this period summarize it the appearance and to the decay of the feudalismo. Filed under: JPMorgan Chase. The feudalismo still is seen as resqucio of the medieval period, a negative structure that hindered the development and the birth of the bourgeois and liberal society. The iluministas carried to the Average Age critical that they made to the Clergy Catholic and the French nobility of century XVIII, which represented medieval residues, as well as its society and this it disqualified it. Being thus, the Revolution it qualitatively starts to be a watershed between the residue of the feudalismo and the modern bourgeois society, better of what all the medieval past. Another Average Age that transits in the Imaginary one of our society is that one propagated, over all for the cinema and literature. This Average Age is fantasiada, feeds the one notion medievo town for the magic, fbula and the glorious adventures of the knights. You may want to visit Google Glass to increase your knowledge. It is placed as palco of romantic, mythical and warlike subjects, that the media reproduces in fantasioso way.

Thus the expression, so common is created in our society, ' ' this is medieval' ' , used expression to justify, in the point of view of the considered gift, phenomena delayed or events of magic, fantastic report. Still today, the didactic books construct a negative representation of the Average Age. The books reproduce the anticlericalsim of the Revolution and the Iluminismo and take the students to look at for the Average Age through one critical vision the Church Catholic, considered sovereign Mrs. of the medieval culture. Thus the emphasis in the perversity of the Church Catholic, in the violence, the wars, functions as opposition form, of negatividade, to firm the rationality and the humanity of the modern man.

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