Auto Repair

In this article we will talk about automatic transmissions. This subject is inexhaustible, and certainly worthy of special attention. Nowadays there are many different options for transmission of non-manual gearbox. Automatic boxes, though, and require some skill, yet much easier to work for drivers. Hydro boxes (GMP) are most common. Along with them are offered to motorists and other boxes electro-mechanical origin.

In an automatic transmission hydraulic drive, instead of the usual mechanical and manual planetary mechanisms. Connect with other leaders such as John Utendahl here. Auto Contract quite in demand in our market. Transferred from abroad and dismantled from damaged or obsolete vehicles, they will serve you as long as conventional automatic transmissions. Auto Advantage contract this is not pumped. Their main advantage – a very low price.

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy new and original parts for their vehicles. In this case, the automatic transmission contract is virtually the only way out of this position. It happens that, despite the reliability and durability, automatic transmissions fail. If the transmission of your machine suddenly stopped working, find a specialized company that performs similar work. It is necessary to take into account that the correct and reliable repair automatic transmissions – is a relationship skills and their masters the expertise to deal with the English documentation, and perform the work. Along with repairing transmissions in firms activities are aimed at servicing automatic transmissions, you can order a new box and if there is such a need. Today, among the giants of automobile business, the company is very well-known Audi. The history of this The company started in Germany. Automatic for the Audi appeared after the war. Reliability gear today makes life drivers, because of the controls the clutch pedal and shift lever fully excluded. Audi's automatic transmission is much more environmentally friendly than cars with conventional gearboxes. Mercedes independently develops and produces its automatic transmission, providing just such a character shift that more suited to its ideology. Not carried away by too aggressive riding and not saving for the diagnosis, prevention and care of his car, automatic transmission for Mercedes will be a long time without any problems. Automatic for Volkswagen also durable and reliable. Yet sometimes they break. The reasons for breakdowns is a misuse transmission, sharp start, duration of tow, not made on time inspection, as well as very fast shift knob while driving. The company Kia – Auto fairly complex system. In many ways it is similar to the CP Company and Mitsubishi contains a large number of parts and components that are simultaneously interact with each other. At Kia There are two different types of automatic transmission repair. In the first case, it can be done without removing from the vehicle manual. Repair always starts with an e-diagnostics, and thanks to modern software, allows complete survey box car Kia. After the diagnosis is written defektovochnaya statement according to which in the future will be repaired. Major Auto Repair also includes the removal of at Kia and analysis box. If some parts are not repairable, they are replaced by similar new items. In the transmission, use only certified automaker oil. Automatic transmission is one of the most complex and at the same time the most necessary units in a modern car.

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