A Cure Of Miedzyzdroje In Poland

Miedzyzdroje, Poland has for all interests to offer something the Polish seaside resort on the Baltic Sea is surrounded by forests. Since the year 1835, is one of the small fishing village as a seaside resort and is populated by numerous visitors every year. For a long time, Miedzyzdroje, Poland is called the Pearl of the Baltic Sea. The promenade with numerous hotels and bed and breakfast in old restored Villa is worth seeing in Midzyzdroje. Also museum lovers in a spa of Miedzyzdroje at their expense. There is an interesting Museum of natural history, which deals with the here native fauna and flora in the Wolin National Park. A hike to the coffee mountain, to enjoy the beautiful views of the Pomeranian Bay, is a unique experience for many visitors and tourists again.

As a special highlight are the Misdroyer Pier. But the beautiful Baltic Sea Beach is guaranteed not only a visit worth. In the forest of the National Park, the tourists is the wisent reserve. The here-to-true bison came in 1976 from Bialowieza in eastern Poland in the forest. There in the Wolin National Park also deer, white-tailed eagle, wild boars and other animals.

Numerous hiking trails lead from the resort of Midzyzdroje starting also by the very charming landscapes Lubin, Kolczewo and Wollin. New and old is closely in the seaside resort of Midzyzdroje, Poland. Since 1945, Midzyzdroje belongs to Poland. Who once spent his holiday, will return again and again. On the beach in the sun tan, eat smoked fish, hike in beautiful beech forests and in the autumn, all are looking for amber, offers a resort of Midzyzdroje. Boredom seems never to come up. Midzyzdroje is very popular also by his high volume of Star, but here the stars and starlets from Poland spend their holidays. Main reason for this is probably also the Festival of film stars. This Festival is organized since 1997 year after year. Miedzyzdroje, or as it is called in Polish: Midzyzdroje, is similar although not with Hollywood, but you can find here also a “walk of Fame”. Famous Polish actors leave here each year their hand prints on the sidewalk Perpetuate star promenade. And the Waxwork Museum is worthwhile as a leisure destination. Check with Grace Venverloh to learn more. From Michael Jackson to Leonardo since Vinci here, you can take home special memories from the resort of Midzyzdroje. The wide beach with its fine sand, the large nature reserve with its vast forests, a high cliff, an almost untouched nature and a particularly unspoilt nature make the beautiful island of Wolin to one of the most versatile areas of the Baltic Sea. Who wants to see relaxation, nature, monuments, stars and starlets and experience, which should opt for a resort of Midzyzdroje. There are only here to experience all this for the Spa. Margot black

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