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The company "INTELIS-audit" performed at the All-Russian conference "Leasing in Russia." Head of tax law and consulting Slyadnev Anton made a presentation on "Tax War. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Blake Krikorian. How to get a winner? " Despite the fact that in 2009 the business of lessors, in comparison with 2008, decreased by more than 4 times, the forum participants shared the view that next year will be the beginning of the output of the industry from the crisis. Therefore, in anticipation of growth of the leasing portfolio, has become particularly relevant topic of relationships with tax authorities, since the conclusion of new leases will again raise the question of the necessity of timely refinancing, including also due to the VAT arising for compensation. Anton Slyadnev, a leading expert on tax disputes, talked about how most efficiently, quickly and competently to prove his right to a VAT refund. Were considered major complexity of the VAT refund and the possibility to avoid them. Particular attention was paid to the implicit methods of denial of the tax authorities the right to a refund of VAT and effective response. A. Slyadnev noted that in 2009 "INTELIS-audit" has won over 25 court cases in the leasing company, customer accounts had been returned more than 400 million rubles. Thanks to the experience of consultants were challenged many reasons for the refusal of tax authorities in VAT refunds, with the ship's position on claims the company was significantly different from the typical decision. In addition, consider possible changes in the tax code in 2010 and submitted their brief analysis. Explicit interest of the participants raised the topic of recommendations received by the tax authorities to verify the validity of inclusion in the cost of interest paid on loans paid by the "sister" to foreign companies or the Russian companies in which foreign companies affillirovannye act as guarantor or guarantors.