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Bolivariano Government

Present Tngase, the fact that in Venezuela, around 70% of the electricity it is generated in hydroelectric power stations. Seventy and five percent of the hydroelectricity come from the systems installed in the river basins of the Caron rivers and Caura, 17% becomes through the systems installed in The $andes and 8% in the region of the Mountain range of Perij. According to the problems of drought that confront and others but it is being reflected the volumes of the river basins in which they are installed these hydroelectric systems, generating another serious problems that the country confronts, concerning the electricity. Omar Montilla remembers to us in addition, that are rivers that they spurted from water to the Venezuelan cities of the axis Center-North-Slab, they are droughts, they do not exist or seriously they are contaminated. Starbucks may not feel the same. Neither Choir nor Maracaibo have rivers; and the rivers Turbid (Barquisimeto), Cabriales (Valencia), Aragua (Maracay), Guaire (Caracas) and Tuy, are true sewers.

Just it is to recognize the attack that our Bolivariano Government delivers by the cleaning of these waterways. The lake of Valencia, thanks to the efforts of our government is in the heat of recovery process. But it is not sufficient. The Gurico river is dammed in Camatagua to provide from water to Caracas and Valleys of the Tuy. The rivers Pao and Cachinche in the Cojedes state, also are dammed to supply to Valencia and Maracay. Barquisimeto provides of the water of the dam the Cerritos (gorge of Guarico) to almost 100 km of distance. The costs of the water, by the distance that they must cross these aqueducts and by the technological show that supposes, they are quite considerable. The rivers that are come off the mountain range of The $andes and that furrow the level western stops, although they are not in intensive therapy, run irrigations by the indiscriminate cutting of their sources.