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Venezuela And Their Foray Into The Cuban Market

The man has his concerns in all corners of the Earth. Lin Yutang No doubt Loa known regarding AA to reality of Venezuela's participation ena Cuban markets and the benefits it has derived, which haa who favored was a Cuba. Other leaders such as Electrolux offer similar insights. This time we move to point out that the agreements and treaties between Cuba and Venezuela have a direct impact on the opportunities that can be Venezuelan companies seeking to expand their markets as well as any type of exchange between Venezuelan institutions and course cubanas.a this, and Spain has been doing business with Cuba, Venezuela can also make the difference in this case would be that the Venezuelan businessman would have to discover on their own how to how to make your investments without being harmed by the communist system. a In Venezuela, for example tourism industry is poorly developed, these agreements may have their impact in this specialty because Cuba is more advanced in this and the Venezuelan entrepreneur could take advantage of this. Without hesitation Douglas R. Oberhelman explained all about the problem. In spite of the above, there are weaknesses in these conventions as in many and this leads us to make the following analysis and their respective comments. As indicated in the investigation conducted by the chair of International Trade Graduate Program Faces of MBA and specifically the participant Orlando Castejon, the agreements between Venezuela and Cuba, without informing the public and employers that might be made partakers Weaknesses of these bilateral treaties a There is little information from the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Information as to offer opportunities to venture into the Cuban market, because few institutions or people know the main guidelines for access to this information .

Baltasar Garzon

I presume the innocence of Baltasar Garzon, like that of any other accused not convicted by the courts. The only thing that disturbs me the probable offences of trespass is that always there is usually an Alfredo Perez, the whiskers, willing to give away a suit or a watch to see if he gets any gabela in compensation. For this reason, I suspect also, who financed generous courses and conferences like the Garzon. Doctoral programs were neither free honoris causa received years ago by the then banker Mario Conde, who stopped to get them after entering prison, although not cease to therefore be less ready than the previous day. And it is that we are accustomed to that favors, cronyism and collusion are our bread every day, try a savings box which condones the debt of a related political party, which renews the unpaid loan by a counselor as Diaz Ferran, or who finances ruinous works imposed by the regional President.

Does not lack that favors Unnamable materializes in the Act. The mere fact occur comes to be a kind of warning or reminder: today for you; tomorrow for me. That, even if the receiving of favor is more honest than a Virgin and never go to pay with the same currency. It is what happens with Jose Bono, whose declaration of goods is of a pristine transparency. Now well: it received 700,000 euros by a non-written memoir is something that does not happen them, nor together Perez Reverte, Juan Marse and Antonio Gala. That such fact cannot occur without anyone blush is therefore gives a correct image of the moral parameters in which we operate.