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Silver Jewelry

Even in ancient times, people discovered the silver. It was believed that this divinely beautiful metal has mystical properties. Silver Moon personified, and was recognized as sacred. It protected the person who belongs to any sickness and misery. At present, confirmed by the fact that lowered the water silver kills bacteria and allows you to disinfect water.

In addition, silver is refined look and gives her beauty man. It is able to bring harmony in the life of its owner. Read more here: Douglas Oberhelman. Looks great silver jewelry creates a softness and tenderness of the image. This is the charming, touching, and flawless look almost white metal makes it one of the most sought after among jewelry. Semi-precious and precious stones are very well looked at silver jewelry, multiply their beauty. While gold ornaments literally "screaming" about himself, with an emphasis on pathos and splendor, talking about its price, silver jewelry, however, create an image of a luxury good owner.

Silver only emphasizes the natural attractiveness of its hostess, giving elegance and nobility, but in no event overshadows it. But we should not think that that is the only female silver metal. It conveys not only the gentleness and romanticism, but also underlines the strength and by the male character. By the way, unlike the infamous gold silver is a much harder metal. Among silver jewelry for men as there is a huge variety. This is a different rings, studs and chains, highlighting the nobility and elegance of its owner, the inherent true gentleman, endearing girlish heart. In addition, silver is a great gift for both connoisseurs who know in Jewelry subtleties and for the rights first received a gift of silver jewelry.

Gold Prices

The final day of the first autumn month were marked by a series of unconditional record gold prices. Troy ounce (about 31 oz.) Precious metal topped $ 1,300. This increase marks a significant series of maxima, which it demonstrated during the final weeks and months. After such an extended rally gold on world stock markets may fall back a bit, but most experts understand this as a momentary lull. Grounds for such provisions as are concealed in the financial and purely technological aspects of the issue. Speaking candidly Jonas Samuelson told us the story.

It's no secret that gold consumption in the areas of high-tech growing stronger. According to experts, in our time share the metal used in manufacturing, four times greater than its use in other industries, including jewelry. And with the development of technologically advanced areas of its share will increase. And this despite the fact that in absolute terms, making jewelry from precious metals also has a tendency to multiplication. Thus, for example, Indian jewelers, but they are important producers of precious products in Asia, have increased their buying in the crisis of 2009 to 15% in the first half of 2010, actually 20%.

Uncontrolled unwinding the printing press developed countries, primarily the U.S., does not lead to "freezing" the price of gold. Learn more at this site: Jonas Samuelson. Debt is already the superpower now exceed $ 2 trillion and most likely will grow in the near future. Under these conditions, almost all countries pursuing a policy to build up reserves of the valuable metal and reduce its implementation, and it despite efforts to reverse global fund to stimulate the dynamics.