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Motivating Oneself

The other way that I motivate myself is to think of my family, my daughters smiles and my beautiful wife when I come home. I know that everything that I do is for their good and their future. Music I listen to “clear” but music that is happy, never sad, slow music or I can get depression. I write down on paper as I would like to be my day, for example: “I enjoy working in this business because we have excellent services they provide real solutions to inconvenience for customers. The service we provide better every day, our vendors and staff are highly qualified and trained and work with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm, with a real commitment to the company and with the shirt on straight. Our clients are the best and good business. They are fully satisfied with the service they receive. I as a sales manager do an excellent job, creating new services and improving existing ones.

Every day I wake up very motivated, with an energy that never had before, I am very motivated and excited because my sales have soared to levels not reached in these 12 years I’ve been working in this area, and grow month after month. Clients come to me easily and naturally, every day I get calls and emails from people interested in our service and easily buy me. I have more than enough money for everything I want. Handling a truck blue color is a true wonder, the music team has is incredible that feel comfortable to be able to move from one place to another in my truck. I play tennis two times a week, every day I have a better physicist. I am completely happy, my family is happy and calm in great abundance, health, money and prosperity. TODAY a customer buys an unexpected way, with your credit card.

I’m happy, smiling with satisfaction as I get a good commission for it, now I realize that everything is easier, because I have a positive thinking that allows me to reach every one of the things I propose, I have very clear and good ideas and strategies come to mind. I am rich, I am abundance, I am happy. I am a magnet for money. “Do you understand the idea? You can customize what you want, if you want shorter or perhaps longer. I assure you that if you do things will be totally different. It all starts with an action and a decision to want to do and you will notice that little by little and will not need others to feel motivated.