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Opel Can The Knowledge Balance 2.0

With the new system of knowledge accounting open new ways for Opel next trip takes the current economic crisis and despite the daily new incantations of the policy come new companies into a tailspin. Hot debated and yet often the development at the carmaker Opel is on the actual issue over discussed. The German subsidiary of GM is in danger of a total loss. Thus are not only about 25,000 jobs at stake the reputation of the German automotive industry is scratched up. The problem field of the Adam Opel AG revolves around dependencies of the American parent company GM and its disastrous economic situation, safeguarding financial bottlenecks, and especially in the structure of the company.

Since there will not be enough, with new State cash injections to keep the situation calm. Now talk more and more recognized economic experts that it is neither reasonable nor economically wise to support ailing companies with State funds. Demand for new financial injection will to a Money burning enormity lead and end in the end but in the fiasco. Fire cannot be deleted just with paper, neither with money. The problems lie deeper at Opel.

The way to a new future of the company, or in the worst case of the then still meaningful task of business could be gone with a comprehensive coverage of the assets in the battered company. The accounting treatment of intangible assets includes, as it makes possible the knowledge balance 2.0. Particularly with regard to the structure of capital and relationship capital, large reserves open up at Opel. A task that benefits of the restructuring of the company would be to apply the lever here and to organize a new company, supplier and distribution structures worldwide. Thus, Opel could really score financers and customers. If Government funding can drag the ailing carmaker from the swamp, then only if exactly this means broken up the old structures and redesigned and relations with the external environment in new and especially high quality be rebuilt.