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Petroleum Countries

Petr oil perhaps is the mineral that moves the world. Because when the oil refining, fuels with which operate most of the machines in the world are removed, this mineral has a great importance worldwide. The possibility of getting petroleumbased fuels is due to petroleum refining makes it suitable to become a fuel suitable for moving the motors of as many machines. The oil refining has been doing years ago in the history of man. Ways of achieving this were needed with the advent of the first engines based on fuel.

This resulted in a constant search for new sources of energy for these engines that had so much potential. So was that, with the deposits of natural oil (because previously there were oil wells that we see in today), could take advantage of the properties of this interesting metal and got the oil refining which would benefit a large part of the modern world. For countries that have with modern wells from which exploits oil, have technology and machinery to make the oil refining is highly advantageous. Indeed, when crude oil is extracted it is necessary to find a way to make the oil refining and if this possibility is to hand all the costs and profits of which are extracted from the exploitation of oil can be very large. Unlike countries that have oil wells but who do not have neither the machinery nor the technology needed to make the oil refining, generally are in distress, since they have to extract the oil, but they have no way to refine it, forcing them to sell it to other countries that have the machinery and the necessary technology for the oil refining crude. This is indeed a regret for the economies of countries that do not have with what to do its oil refining, because we all need fuel which of the are derived to run most of the tools and means of transport we use. So, we all need oil refined into fuel way to make these motors work. Thus, countries that do not have the infrastructure for petroleum refining are forced to sell their oil at a cheap price to then buy much more expensive in the form of fuel.

The oil refining has brought significant implications for the ecology of the modern world. Since fuels that are made from petroleum refining generally emit harmful gases for the Earth’s ozone layer, the use of these fuels made from petroleum refining to operate machines and means of transport we use both in our modern life is greatly questioned. Therefore, seeking other ways of obtaining energy that are not based on oil refining, but look for other sources of energy based on vegetables among other natural resources that are not so harmful to the ecology of the planet. The truth is that they have now found many new alternatives to do so.