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Free Will

In this article we are trying to determine whether the tarot really predict the future. The ability to see the future through tarot, is just one of many skills to be learned from reading the letters. Free Will prevent the man has a predetermined destination. Whoever believes that the tarot is simply a predictive method, it falls short of its findings, at least. Tarot is an art originated thousands of years, and has accompanied the progress of humanity, nourished by the various cultures that have practiced and enriched. The theoretical tarot and fortune-telling is an invaluable reservoir, not only of historical and cultural notions, but of human psychology as it reflects the way human beings see the world, notions unchanged since the men of the people of the age bronze so far. The human mind is timeless, and the tarot reflects this.

The relationship is the result of other relationships that occur within their practice. The tarot can be considered as a tool to view a reality beyond the naked eye perceives. In this context, the relationship tarot, future natural results of this higher power. Is, being able to perceive, through the tarot, things that are beyond the scope of human vision, it is logical that the tarot has a predictive utility, ie through a roll of the tarot, the future revealed. But, just so you need the expert eye to see some signs that predict, for example, weather conditions, also requires great skill, an innate ability and much study to see tarot-future relationship.

In other words, mere exposure of the letters does not mean that one to see has the ability to predict the future. As mentioned, the tarot is an art, and in the same way that not all human beings are capable of creating beautiful works of art, not everyone is able to see the future through the tarot. Left alone with the predictive aspect of tarot would be a shame, because it is very valuable information would be lost trying to constrain the art of fortune-telling only their side prediction. When someone makes a shot of tarot, the future is one of the aspects that are revealed, but not in the way of a simple prediction. The tarotista, in the same way that a skilled person is familiar with a country road, you can warn the client of the obstacles they will face. But we must remember that people enjoy a priceless gift of God: Free Will. That is, each one making the decisions that you think, and will have to take charge of their own lives.

The Work

Before dedicating me to the work of I interchange medinico was frequenting a house for reasons that I judged I was external me and that after decided they moved away to me total from this space. However the support and the aid that we receive? I and my mother had been so important for the guiding and solution for the presented question – also the agreement of that the fact had to see with me, I not only am that I decided to start to try to understand this all I assist, and that soon later that it deixarred a carne very well attended spiritual, it is that I started to study and to frequent the House assiduamente. is in this point that I want to make the first comment. I believe firmly that when arriving at this house I could, initially without perceiving, to reattach bows so strong spirituals they had taken that me to cover ways that it never judged was capable. E, thus to the few I was (reverse speed) combining the experiences that it esteem, never could be habitual my life. from there, I was take fancying to that could bind the house to me, to the study and consequentemente to the work and the learning, of which until today, about 10 years, I feel and for which on I want to dedicate for all the life. In other words, what I want to say is that everything to happen in fact needed to have affinity and tunning, devotion and pleasure, linking and intention. Consequentemente I could then perceive that it was in this house and only in this? it had never felt no interest previously with no experience of this nature, is that I could (reverse speed) be known spiritual and for option conscientious only in it is that I exercise all my possibilities medinicas, because I understand that this choice is fruit of an action supported and despertada for my linking with the Alto.E when continuing with the story, I want to strengthen that from there, I was to disponibilizando me to the few with the groups? initially for the study and more later for the work that started to appear for my bashful possibilities.

Neopentecostais Churches

The neo-pentecostais churches had created a form of Evangelho that seems to be true, but enough are modified to be pleasant for that they do not want to follow the narrow way of the true Christianity. These churches make a false presentation of the Evangelho. They are creative of new features, if they base on rituals of: said delivery of salt or objects consecrated, to step on on the salt carpet, to pass for the grotto, for the door, delivery of roses, handkerchiefs, cross, vestibules of the happiness, water of the river Jordo, sacred mantle, sabonete I unload of it, fogueira saint of Israel, consults the former-mother of saint, unction of the millionaire (oil consecrated for seven millionaire), bath of it I unload and others as much. These rituals are identified as being of macumba, candombl, etc. Practical as the positive, magnificent confession, dispute incited for faithful, animosity between the churches and its members, auction of blessings.

These things do not have to be in the church of Christ. The churches, neo-pentecostais have as base of its teachings it searchs for the corporeal properties, financial and the welfare of the life, instead of teaching the indifference to the corporeal properties, renouncing its life (to refuse it exactly itself), to live Jesus and to make the will of God as our Master Jesus taught in them. God is who has to direct our life, and placing in them in the financial position that It to judge that we will be fidiciary offices It, that we will not be corrupted by the wealth and the comfort of this life. The fact of a person to search and if only to worry but in having of you reward them to God of the treasures of the land on the contrary of the treasures of the sky, already it is enough sample that its heart already is corrupted by Mamom.