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Arthur Trankle

But as one of the most successful asset management concepts of in recent years underlying the depot, it is very likely that these big four can shine in the future before the percent sign. Is the current financial crisis at all so no spanner in this beautiful? No, the savvy financial coach thinks Arthur Trankle: behind the security deposit deposit of pioneer investments, which is counted by insiders of the industry to the highest quality and strongest investment companies in the world thanks to its over 80 years tradition. Especially in the current times of crash the concept has proved, that the Fund managers realize well 13 years: conscientious, emphasizes safety-conscious Fund asset management for private clients. Six highly motivated, respected and carefully acting professionals with life meet these high standards of pioneer investments. These experts manage today around 4 billion euros to Private capital. So down to Earth and success that the prestigious financial magazine euro has chosen the professionals of pioneer investments to the winner of a relevant comparison test.

Regardless of the Frankfurt won twice a similar competition for themselves at the Institute Fund-consult. Trustee investment strategy now also for tenancy deposit these achievements and recognitions come not from about: around the world, the team keeps around 70 different asset classes under observation. As soon as the market conditions change, the expert group promptly reacts to flexibly adjust the investment priorities of the new situation. Not abandon the team will however from its strict safety-oriented investment strategy and the corresponding asset classes: fixed income securities, real estate and money market funds. Impressively the special quality of this conservative storage approach is evidenced by the fact that it already often has been used for trustee investments, which by law particularly must meet high safety requirements. Especially because this high safety factor, conclusion of Arthur Trankle clearly fails: pioneer investments is not only for a high interest rate, but for an equally high safety and that is just as important as for landlords for tenants.