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International Red

Scientists believe that the problem of deforestation is not inferior to the importance of losses in financial markets observed in recent years. Environmentalists hope that these data will convince the politicians of the need to finance environmental projects and careful attitude to the forests of our planet. One in every four mammal species on the verge of extinction Nearly a quarter of the living species of mammals on Earth are threatened with extinction, the main causes of this threat are, in Specifically, the destruction of habitats of these species and hunting. This is the conclusion scientists held in an international study whose results were announced in Barcelona as part of the 'International Red books'. According to scientists, half the population of 5000 487 mammal species is rapidly declining. Most of all, an endangered terrestrial mammal species in Asia.

There are many animals, in particular, orangutans are deprived of habitat due to deforestation. Almost 80% of primates in the region are threatened with extinction. Scientists note that of the 4 thousand 651 species of mammals, which they studied, 1000 139 are already on the extinction. This applies in particular to the Tasmanian devil and the Caspian seal. Scientists have traced the evolution of the carapace in turtles American scientists have found in New Mexico remains of ancient reptiles, which allowed to trace the evolution of turtle shell. Scientists estimate the age of discovery is about 210 million years. Earlier, more than 10 years ago, researchers discovered in this region the first fragments of the remains of the form Chinlechelys tenertesta.