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A Visit By New York!

New York, a city known worldwide for its towering skyscrapers and majestic, are the most populated U.S. metro areas.UU. and one of the most populous in the world. With nearly 800 languages are spoken within its territory, this is the city with the greatest linguistic diversity in the world. The city has a significant impact on a wide range of areas such as trade, finance, art, fashion, technology, education and entertainment from around the world and is considered the cultural capital of the world. Checking article sources yields “Howard Schultz Starbucks
as a relevant resource throughout. Tourism is therefore some most important industries in the city with more than 40 million tourists who visit each year and dazzle with all these attributes and charms. Some of the main attractions of the Big Apple are as follows: Empire State Building is a 102-floor skyscraper, built in style Art Deco in 1931, who currently holds the title of tallest building in New York. Declared one of the new wonders of the world by the American Society of civil engineers, this spectacular book is now an undisputed symbol of the New York City.

Statue of liberty this symbol of New York and the United States, is visited annually by about 50 million visitors, this is, without a doubt, one of the most visited city. Located in New York Harbor since 1886, the building measured 92.99 meters in height, with 389 steps from the entrance of the pedestal to torch. Central Park East is the most famous and spectacular New York City Park. Located in the heart of Manhattan it is composed of more than 100 smaller parks, which have a total of four miles long and 800 feet. The area has among others, deportos various fields, gardens, lakes, tracks of ice, a shopping centre, a zoo as well as a large green area available to the population. Existing 150 years ago and known throughout the world, this is one of the most prominent sights of the city. Times Square is a famous Avenue consisting of multiple intersections and corners. Nicknamed the corner of the world is the busiest streets for pedestrians in the world, it is also a important industry Center of entertainment in the world.

Also found in Times Square you can see one of the planet’s largest new year’s Eve celebrations, with many Visual effects and pyrotechnics. Then there are multiple ways to go to New York, or be out there on a visit, to learn about the city, historic centre of public transport, taxi or metro will be the best choice, but if it seeks to know a little more to fund the city and its alredores, since you will have to rent a car. We leave a suggestion of a search engine for the cheap car hire in United States. ( will be one of the ways simple and cheap to go, visit and New York. For all this and more, go to New York, the city that never sleeps