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Markeb Jupiter

It is then it will have a classic for the 12th house of interest in yoga and Kabbalah, and in the beginning – the only success! In fact, interest in the occult and helps connect the stars with Markeb Jupiter, which gives the inclination to serve the cause of a secret, a secret organization, associated with magic and the occult sciences, a great attraction to the mysterious and the secrets to mastering. In general, people are always with the Sun in Leo and claim success try to be visible, they will make their mind to adhere strictly to the request or the decision to do anything, so this chart is the main thing – it’s a royal sun in its original ownership – in Leo, which is a good luck! Moreover, close (or, as the astrologers’ in the rays of the sun “) is Pluto (the desire for power, sexuality, ability to recover from any trial). It is this combination gives her an inexhaustible source of strength and energy, the ability not tiring, to spread completely. But all this is not enough for crushing and continued success, it has made and supported since 1983. It should be clear that still much in her life it is more important than financial success.

Shah Rukh

I’m more of a glamorous actress and Irrfan is a very serious actor, everyone has may be how the two husband and wife thought, but also worked on the canvas. The story is to be not of courting, it’s not like we are married, we have two great children and the relationship is at a mature level. And still is there still so much love, a lot of give and take, she shredded it, sometimes is pushing him, drives him and he loves her for all that, thats really sweet. Do have one Favorite scene in Billu (Barber)? Yes I have and you know I hope really Shah Rukh will bring back her in the film, because at the moment is the scene not in the film, she was cut out. It is a very cute and simple scene, which would have liked we both, Irrfan and I in the film. Lara Dutta: “it is a very cute and simple scene, which would have liked we both, Irrfan and I in the film.” The film is very honest and sweet and a movie should include more powerful and emotional moments. Comedy is something simply laughs, there are but the emotional moments close go one. Since this wonderful scene in my Mangalsutre I was, to pay school fees for my children ‘, (a necklace) sell the symbol of marriage. Nimmte it off and gives it to him, and says she beleihe for how much you like getting whatever this ‘ and he says, but that’s the only thing you ‘ and she replies yes, but it’s ok, if we again have money you bring it back and they put me back to ‘ and he returned well but would mean to marry a second time ‘ because she says Yes, but the first time wasn’t so great, so maybe the second burning.

Shortanov Studio

Rahab, A. Bondarenko, Shortanov and others who have made a significant contribution to the development of this genre. Later, he moved from the performers in the category of maintenance personnel artists and musicians of the country. Long before creating his own recording studio he began to acquire high-end, the world's standards the equipment can record sound track on a beautiful professional level, multi-channel tape, synthesizers, and in 2002 acquired a modern computer equipment. – With written us phonograms, – the head of "Kan-Records" – natives of Kabardino-Balkaria work in Moscow and other cultural centers. This, for example, widely recognized Katya Lel, Zarema Bechelova, Dima Bilan. Our "Can-Records" on the recording quality is not inferior to many major studios.

Sound level, we were able up to very high altitude. A. Works Kurashinov with people close themselves in the spirit, interest, first of all, with friends. He managed to record noise Arthur, Irina Krymov, Galina Taukenova, Olga Sokurov, Irina Shabatukova, Arthur Varkvasov, Arsene Shomahov, a group of "Iman" and "Zhashlyk" sister Albina and Fatima Tsarikaevy, Cupid current, Cherimov Nakhushev, Alim Strip, Alim Teppeev and other stars of the Kabardino-Balkar stage. In addition to recording of phonograms "Kan-Records" is engaged in a live, which take place in the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions, Green, and musical theater, other sites pop the capital and regions. Serves studio and a variety of commemorative events up to the official. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Douglas Oberhelman. This is the inauguration of President of the CBD, and the celebration of the statehood of the republic, the government shows.

– When do you need a high level of play Sound – explains Kurashinov – always apply to us. Our studio was working on creating a sound background for the recital of Sofia Rotaru by Larisa Dolina, Valerie, Leonid Agutin & Anita Tsoi. And given the fact that most stars are very capricious and difficult to work with them, we can be proud that they remained sound design is very happy. Over time, "Kahn-Records" expanded the scope of its activities. The studio has acquired high quality equipment for the production of compact discs and established this business.