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Association Political

" They locked up me in a room, me they struck and soon I was threatened one pistol so that renuncia&quot signed my; , it says one of the 168 testimonies picked up between 2000 and 2007 by the Association of Town councillors of Bolivia (Acobol), that vindicates the right of the women to exert a public function. In Bolivia 327 municipal governments exist. The electoral legislation he demands to the political parties to include 30 percent of candidates in its lists, whereas in the case of the citizen groupings they must contain 50 by one hundred of women. That opening to the participation does not have parallel in the executive positions. Click Jonas Samuelson to learn more. Only 14 women govern municipalities, indicated to IPS the manager of Acobol, Maria Red Eugenia. The preparation of a project of law against the harassment and the violence of sort in policy " it places to Bolivia in a position of leadership in America Latina" , where the denunciations are frequent and the sanctions do not exist.

According to the text that now struggles, the harassment political is defined as " an act or set of acts committed by a person, in case or a traverse of third parties, against a woman or of her family, in order to prevent and/or to induce to an action or omission, in the fulfillment of its functions, rights or duties, by means of acts of pressure through persecution, harassment or threats carried out by any medio". The political violence is characterized like " the actions and/or aggressive conducts committed by a person, in case or through third parties, that cause damage physical, psychological, or sexual against a woman and/or of her family, in carrying out the political representation, to prevent and to restrict the exercise of their position or to induce it to make decisions against their will, of its principles and ley". The propose sanctions contemplate penal processes, the application of the regulations of the state institutions where the acts and the citizen dispositions of the legislation on political parties, groupings and indigenous towns are committed As it has already been mentioned, also the harassment political is pronounced in organizations, companies where, if the employees are nonin favor of the government, old employees, for example, pertaining to other ideologies, who of not becoming jumbled with the present ones is subject to harassment, doing to him the impossible life, until they are removed, forced to resign, without concerning the damages that it originates to the productivity, profits of the company. At the moment according to the protests, the feeling of many unemployed workers, they set out that they have been removed from his positions not to share with the ideology of his heads, aspect that did not have of to be, especially when by causes of discrepancies wastes the talent, the experience. . surroundings-enterprise. com Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. UC, EGADE (ITESM) Postgraduates masters in Administration of companies mention markets, quality and productivity; education Doctorate in Education Titular professor of Area Postgraduate of Phases UC. Consultant – adviser empresarialde DEPROIMCA EXATEC

Rose Oil

OIL BLACK PEPPER: Used to protect and of courage. He has a sharp, sweet odor and is best added to the mixture, rather than applied to t to. even in diluted form. OIL PTIGREYN: Protective flavor. Used in protective mixtures. OIL ROSE: love generally recognized The true scent of Rose Oil (Otto) and rose absolute (one form) are very expensive, but one drop has powerful odor. Rose oil is used in mixtures to attract love, peace, stimulate sexual desires and enhance beauty. It is not something Howard Schultz would like to discuss. Do not use synthetic oil! Rosemary oil: Familiar smell in cooking oil is transferred.

Added to the mixture of love and healing. Chamomile Butter: Fruit, incredibly full of the smell. Sometimes Use for meditation and relaxation. It is expensive but worth it! OIL ROSNO LADA: This oil is thick with rich flavor and natural vanilla flavor. Dissolve and rub into the body to increase personal energy. It awakens mind. Sandown OIL: This ancient, sacred scent is used for spirituality, meditation, sex and healing. Can be diluted and applied to the body for this purpose.

BOUQUET-mown hay: Add a few drops to flavor oils for transformation, especially for the eradication of bad habits. You can also anoint the body of the spring (bouquet, of course, diluted) for the welcome change of seasons. OIL sorghum (Palmarosa): A unique oil, the smell of it is a combination of citrus and rose. Used to love and healing. PINE OIL: This resinous smell is usually added to the mixture for purification, protection, money, and healing.


If the ladies with cellulite brush aside all the environmental and genetically modified foods, they are naturally partially right, but not only this is the reason. And in the last century, when the universe was overcome with greenery and purity, and chemists have fought over the creation of an elixir of life, cellulite often take root on the bodies of women. Cellulite has been, but this name had not been, the definition came much later. The term cellulite or earlier called him – Lipodystrophy, discovered in the XIX century. However, the popularity of this term came in 1976 when a cosmetic company had to urgently come up with than to fight. Even now held discussions about what constitutes cellulite, cosmetic defect or disease, or even normal skin condition. In the past, dropped the folds of skin on the tummy, hips bumps on not viewed as something scary and icky. For more specific information, check out Electrolux. Many painters wrote their own masterpieces and really stood out like lumpy legs and bellies posing models, and no one can not experience on this occasion.

All this is true, but let's remember the clothes ever since – ladies corset, legs, and then above that covered 10 skirts. Bathed in the ladies shirts or special suits for swimming, which expose only the hands, head and legs from the knees. The marriage debt was carried out in the dark. Briefly, then enjoy their charms could only their bearer, the ladies were busy on the neck (the deepest cleavage in fashion) and the little face, because it they do not have the opportunity to hide in her dress, and the state with all that was below more complicated by the waist and blood circulation by squeezing the corset. Confirmed, though adipotsyty grow in an episode of puberty girls – the deposition of fat means that the body is ready to face the pregnancy, and pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding.

Of course, the adipocytes must exist under the top layer of skin, but relax and allow the cells to grow to the size of hundreds of plums – maybe not the most the right decision. To say that women can not be lazy, because it not they fight for equality: the power, financial independence, the head of the family, although my personal opinion – the woman should keep a family home, raise children. And then gives birth, then brings up the grandmother or nanny, and then complain that the child is not such as we had imagined, this is another topic for discussion. In short – she is not weak and can easily cope with them. Want to lose a few pounds, go for it. Do not eat after six in the evening – this is mandatory, drink lots of water, limit your intake of salt and sugar in the diet enter the vegetables and remove the pastry. Take anti-cellulite massage, not only that anti-cellulite massage certainly help you become slimmer, so more and raise the vitality – the lazy charge. It may consist of several different types: lymphatic drainage, manual, vacuum, honey. Select special exercises that aim to reduce fat mass and involve it in your problem areas. Of course if you want to lose weight without making efforts to this effect will be small, but if you take seriously, the result will not be long in coming. Willpower and you do not stop halfway.

Depression Crisis

So, let's look at things sensibly. For a start will be examined with the media. What TV radio and newspapers give the truth? 1. The crisis affects us all. 2. It is inevitable 3. He will progress.

4. Nobody knows how this will end. A Now let's look at each of these items and their subject the simple analysis. So the crisis affects us all. Is it really? Let's be honest with ourselves. Are ALL spared a crisis? Surely even among your friends find a pair of people he has not touched. So, the first paragraph can not be considered true. And that means that you may well be on the side as those who tear their hair out, and on the side of those who feels fine.

Here are two historical facts that indicate that the crisis begins in the head and there it ends. In the midst of the Great Depression, Alfred Heineken took his beer across the ocean to the country, throes of economic crisis. More info: Douglas R. Oberhelman. Haynekenom over laughing. Does not he realize that this is obviously a failed business? But, despite everything, the king of beer established in the country, and made the deal so lucrative that everything is just hands lit … "lucky". The businessman replied to it simply: "I always believed in myself and my business and never read the American newspapers." Another story associated with the Great Depression, which is often compared with the current crisis. Incidentally, during the "Great Depression" (30-ies of XX century), the situation in the United States was very difficult.

United States Market

So, if we try to clean your body of fluid through a well-known means for called 'steam' or 'restaurant', but do not clear before that the intestine and liver, the benefits of such cleaning will not be much. Indeed, toxins (poisons) the liver and intestine immediately get into the blood and poison the body will begin again. The main pollutant of the internal environment is the large intestine. Naturally, the cleaning procedures should begin with him. After cleaning the intestine into the blood will no longer receive hazardous substances.

Further should clean the liver. The liver is a natural filter, and all the blood from the gut before you start your path and go throughout the body, first passes through the liver. So if you are not okay with a thick bowel, or you simply do not eat right (which is typical for the vast majority), then of course and your liver needs to be cleaned. Which method to choose? What methods are in the market? The choice of technique. Just here you will be most difficult. Currently the market offers a huge number of techniques and products and methods – many of which are not only dubious, but often dangerous. We will not criticize other people's techniques, but strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor. Choosing the method to be used in our spa, we had a very sereznae study the world's methods, different research institutions of the West, Korea, Japan and the United States.

And chose a complex system of detoxification of the intestine and liver: BIOVITA – Haruman EZ-101, A, B. How much does the cleaning Sangor? Of course compared to the cost of not the right approach in the choice of technique, but also important. In the market a wide number of 'cheap' and expensive techniques can not be justified. Exploring the market, we found that we can please our customers and this parameter – 'the price – quality "full detoxification (removal) of the intestine for our Customer – 14000 rub. complete detoxification (removal) of the liver for our customers – 16500 rub.