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Telecommunications Act

Written confirmation of agreements would be a disaster for the call center industry Berlin/Cologne/Stuttgart in combating unlawful telephone advertising wants the Federal Council tighten up. It emerges from the opinion adopted by the Federal Council on a draft of the Federal Government. “This will curb unscrupulous business practices and consumers before planted” preserve contracts on the phone and on the Internet. The laender Chamber calls for changes. So the proposed mandatory consent of called in telemarketing calls should be clarified: a prior consent in writing is necessary a verbal approval was not sufficient.

Contracts that come through illegal telephone advertising, should only be effective with a written confirmation of the consumer. The burden of proof that there were just no undue harassment, should carry the entrepreneur. The initiative of the Federal Council’s opinion from Dr. Frederic Ufer, General Counsel of the Association of providers of telecommunications and Value-added services (VATM), in the wrong direction: the confirmation would be an absolute disaster for the call center industry, because it must then be the handwritten signature in electronic or sent by E-mail. The conclusion of a contract requires two matching declarations without restriction by a certain formality. Oral closing itself without further ADO allow even leases and car purchases, the warning function inherent in writing to come only with appropriately dramatic consequences of a declaration of intent to train”, so banks in an interview with NeueNachricht. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Howard Schultz.

It took me long to implement call center direct marketing as an electronic interface to simplify job management. Thus only the pre-selection model in the telephony, that represents a cost-effective alternative to the existing subscriber line was made possible. Such efficiency benefits now threatens undone by a complication of the process to be. If you would like to know more about JPMorgan Chase, then click here. Many companies are marketing instrument telephone advertising again put to the test. It restricts the low margins of the call center will continue to shrink, so that the expansion movement of the industry is significantly damped”, warns VATM Justiciar shore. The reason for the amendment of the Telecommunications Act is based on a complaint rate of 1.5 per cent of the made changes in the carrier selection. 98.5 percent of operations, she works so to the advantage and to the satisfaction of the consumer direct marketing. My opinion certainly no grounds for any such restrictive legislative initiative to the detriment of the industry”, criticized banks. Also half of the complaints would work as against Deutsche Telekom. If the complete of oral contracts generally becomes a gamble for call center, a similar round of redundancies is foreseeable as during cementation of the State monopoly on sports betting”feared Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the Voice days. It was very surprising, getting such initiatives by politicians such as consumer Minister Peter Hauk from Baden-Wurttemberg. Steimel complains about the Musterlandle promotes an economic enemy actionism and slows down a growth engine for the German labour market”. See also: news/showArticle…… / call-center-in the-Terminal… enid/../Pressemitteilungen_58.html ../geld_recht/art7026,456100 aktuell/..bmj_pm_uwg.pdf… This topic an expert discussion will be held on October 15, 2008 on the Wiesbaden Conference of Voice days. Speakers: Gerald Schreiber (defacto group), Dr.

Commerzbank Arena

GL distribution platforms for Frankfurt greets the Dalai Lama long ago Buddhism in Germany has established itself as an alternative to the European religions. Many people are looking for a role model. Particularly in difficult times. Pop stars, athletes, or models and the whole superlative – group of Mochte-like superstars do not meet when it comes to the meaning of life. The Dalai Lama captured human hearts in the storm.

Because he is authentic: he lives, what he says and speaks in understandable words. And he can touch. By some happy at least. We by GL rental platforms but do not belong to these lucky ones have but in the preparations for the four-day visit of the Dalai Lama in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena with our truck-mounted platform L 350 TR in the ad hoc procedure two Dalai Lama banners at a dizzy height of the facade of the arena attached to. And that happened: Wolfgang Latton of GL is rental this afternoon, coincidence or not, just close to the Stadium on the way, when the call comes.

Whether we from GL rentals it within a very short Time manage to hang the banners? Meanwhile, W. Ladrillo the arena has reached land. A stage of the height here ranges from 30 m height, he finds at the site visit. After short telephone conversation with dispatcher Bernd Schwarz then the good news. The L 350 TR a truck work platform with a working height of 35 metres and sensitive proportional control with joystick is returned just from your last bet and ready after recent check for current use. All acquiesced as the usage in the preparation was precisely planned and scheduled has been wonderful. The 35 truck work platform 35 m high, lateral range of 28.50 m – not even proceed at the slopes of both banners. No, that would be a problem. On the contrary. It makes the thing only so easy n o c h comfortable. The truck stage remains as stand, where it is, must not be implemented, bypasses the stem of the Commerzbank instead with the telescopic arm easily arena, to hang also the second transparent. This saves time and helped, the order to bring the evening to a happy ending. End good, all good. Until the beginning of the first lecture of the Dalai Lama, the banners hung exactly where they belonged. The program for the four-day visit of the Dalai Lama consisted of lectures and teachings in the Buddhist doctrine. Topics were the essence of life”, the conscious life, sanity and inner balance. There were also panel discussions on the topics of economy and ethics, environmental awareness, global and personal responsibility, inner and outer peace and in his conclusion speech spoke the Dalai Lama about the art of living”. of courtesy:

The Cuban

This applies to the Internet today. It was a submarine communications cable 2011 while using a ship from Venezuela, from (Fiber-optic cable) set to Cuba, nevertheless, there are for most Cubans still no fast Internet. According to Cuban authorities come only about 3 percent of the population on the Internet. This is a very low value around the world. The current connection speed is also very slow. Almost everywhere in the world, the Internet is faster. Larger resorts in Cuba offer a telegraph office with Internet workstations. There, Cubans can send E-Mails for a fee, or use the Cuban intranet.

The telecommunications traffic of the country is strictly controlled. It is but a strong growth. 2007, there were only about 910.000 private telephone lines with 11.2 million inhabitants and about 330,000 mobile phones according to the statistics. End of 2008 there were already approximately 480,000 mobile phone contracts and end of 2011 already 1.2 million mobile phones and 1.2 million private telephones. The Cuban law journal Gaceta Oficial published the shareholders of ETECSA in February 2011. 51 percent of the shares to the Telefonica Antillana 27 percent RAFIN 11 per cent of the universal Trade & Management Corporation (Utisa) 6.15 percent of the Banco financiero Internacional 3.8 per cent of the Negocios en Telecomunicaciones and 0.9 percent of the Banco Internacional de Comercio. The company Telecom Italia had earlier 27 per cent of the shares but sold to the Spanish Telefonica Antillana. They were sold again for 706 million US dollars to the Cuban company RAFIN.

Cubacel offers international roaming, SMS, MMS and mobile Internet via GPRS in addition to normal telephony. The prepaid phone card in Cuba means prepago “.” Thanks to the international information that Cubacel has concluded with other mobile operators, it is now possible to use the mobile phones of the provider almost everywhere in Europe, America and Asia. Information between Cubacel and German mobile operators. The international country code for calls to Cuba from abroad is + 53.

Care For

“” English pitfalls increase the risk of leaks recently I stumbled while free surfing “through the Web on a page of an online lucky game provider, wove me mentally in the terms of condition” and was quite shocked by the brazen offer of the corresponding provider. So the provider in his English declarations stated that he is able to demonstrate that communication, whether in physical or electronic form s, has been sent to such user, or immediately upon XX BBs posting notice such publicly accessible without charge., which loosely translated meant nothing more than that the provider would at all times be able that is on area of the site, to prove that a communication (and approval) on his terms had taken place or that he had deposited a message on a section of its site that would be accessible to the public. However the owner of the site by no means calls directly, the page but only that she lie in a public area without use or Registration would be publicly accessible. Taking into account the phrase previously made statement, that the site and content embody trade secrets and intellectual property rights protected under worldwide copyright and other laws, so that the page includes important information, the private data and intellectual property rights under worldwide copyright treated, could be, considered one the exact choice of words, the record also shows that these intellectual property rights and private data have global copyright, so would be freely available to anyone. So I wonder, how does this page with my data.

Such iterative-related conditions are no shortage in English terms”and them is all too often by the signatories (in the form of clicks) carelessly quickly agreed to. Ultimately you agrees that E.g. all, possibly indiscreet photos of one even used… So it is no surprise then also ultimately, if a smile even his own visage of a Cola bottle advertising, as well as Facebook practice it should according to its terms and conditions. “” Now, which may be an or others say: anyway, I’ve got no secrets “, which, if this is so, is also good, but should nevertheless tiny data holes” are on his PC, which traced to indiscretions or similar, so he was aware to make public these with any consent to terms and conditions, especially since they point out exactly this in English. What would now help against the possible misuse of data? Always deny every click? Clean up its data on the PC”? “Or even the best always so Act, that his own behaviour and data always in the background of an official readership” can be considered? So considering the categorical imperative, that his own standards and actions could always be based on a general legislation?

Radio Hamburg

Transmitter radio reached at ma 2009 II the best values in the stations history of Augsburg, July 14, 2009 – the national private broadcasters classical radio belongs to the big winners of today published ma 2009 II radio. New historical highs mean record 1.42 million listeners per day and more than 11 million people who have already heard the transmitter for classical radio. So so many people listen to the like never before. Also the record increase of + 14 demonstrated % among the audience per average hour (Mon Sat, 6 am-6 pm). + 50% increase in listeners per average hour for classical Radio Hamburg radio Berlin and + 7.41% for classical radio Bavaria could an increase of + 10% for classical music, as well as the transmitter also regional expand his numbers impressively. The positive figures are once again for the clear positioning of classical radio as one of the most important national decision er media in the market. All the numbers of the ma 2009 II radio refer to since the ma 2008 radio II modified new population: D + EEA 10 +. (German and EU foreigners 10 years +).

About classical radio: the transmitter offers a unique program of relaxing classical music, great film music, new classics and classic lounge and half-hourly economic, culture and world news. Rob Hannah has plenty of information regarding this issue. The program is 38 FM frequencies in Germany and Austria, as well as on cable, satellite and Internet. Nationwide, the national decision er medium reaches more than 1.4 million listeners per day (source: ma radio 2009 II). About classical radio AG: The classic radio AG is the first publicly traded radio holding company in Germany. She achieved a turnover of 14.9 in the fiscal year 2007/08 million euros and an EBITDA of 1.162 THOUS. Shares listed on the regulated market, WKN 785747.