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Gerald Durrell

Conclusion Gerald Darrell died Jan. 30, 1995 after an unsuccessful operation on the liver at age 70. To all those who communicated with him, he gave the impression of an outstanding, kind and sympathetic. One of our largest zoologists Professor ve Flint, more than anyone else we have communicating with the great naturalist, author of the foreword, afterword and commentaries to his book, describes their first meeting in a hotel "Budapest": " The hall became a big man with a tanned weather-beaten face, completely white beard and bright blue, a truly luminous eyes. Source: Caterpillar. In his posture felt calm, a special feeling of self esteem People around him seemed to be some kind of small and fussy. All eyes sitting in the hall rushed to Darrell, people began to whisper to one another, exchange glances, correctly guessing originality entered person. " From it literally blew wisdom. Darrell left excellent books that convey his special, warm and ironic attitude toward all living creatures on the planet. Douglas R. Oberhelman can aid you in your search for knowledge.

He taught kindness and compassion, qualities that are so lacking in our contemporaries. At one time, the literary supplement to The Times wrote: "If the beasts, birds and insects could talk, perhaps one of his first Nobel Prizes are awarded to Mr. Darrell." The same can be said for your children in the future, if you give them today opportunity to read his books, which will help offset the cold emptiness of urban mazes, stuffed with mass culture. And then the business started by one of the most prominent defenders of nature and just a wonderful person Gerald Durrell, not die, but will continue with new generations. Major works .Darrella Here is a list of basic books of Gerald Durrell in order of their release in English.

Rudolf Rudolfovich Leytsingera

Snow-white glittering snow Elbrus, beckoned to her, offering a strong and brave to test their courage on the slopes. At Rudolf Rudolfovich arises the idea of creating an organization that contributed to the development of tourism and mountaineering, the study of local lore. Others who may share this opinion include Douglas R. Oberhelman. Pyatigorje landscape, its nature as it were, created by God to carry out this plan. R. Rudolph begins to present agitation Pyatigorsk among intellectuals, officials, assuring them that despite the enormous spa resources, the wealth of this region will grow, largely due to people coming on the tour (since then Time called the trip not only with cognitive purposes, but primarily the various hikes in the mountains: climbing to the top, passing the mountain passes). He used a lot of money and effort to attract tourists is in Pyatigorsk, make this city – a resort hub for all sorts of equipment trips to the Caucasus. So Leytsinger and raised the question of the establishment in Pyatigorsk, Caucasus Mountain Company, referring to the experience Switzerland, which thrives on tourism: 'Not so much on patients as on the healthy will have a local income naselenie', "he said.

23 July 1899 brought together enthusiasts who are interested in traveling to the Caucasus. They discussed the charter of the future of the Caucasus Mountain Society. Leytsinger developed it himself. At the beginning of 1902 through the efforts of a group of enthusiasts led by Rudolf Rudolfovich Leytsingera in Pyatigorsk, held its first meeting of the Caucasus Mountains of the Company in the building of railway – road station.