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Using Inbound Links

The theme of inbound links has gained notoriety and now all we develop E-commerce activities we know that this is very important for the positioning of a website. Of course it is lawful and legal link to other pages, so much so, that has become a true and valid tool widely used to increase the popularity of your website address to search engines and get natural / organic positioning as it is called. But what is a link farm? Also called (Link Farms) is basically a website that contains many links and has been created with the specific purpose is to increase the PageRank of sites that post their links. It is very important that you clearly distinguish the difference between these sites and directories real genuine, and you request the latter to include your site. I do not think this method is used (look for links regardless of how) to achieve better positioning, and less if you have to pay for the links, I recommend getting links quality and this is a job that takes time. Some say that if you do, Google will penalize you, but this is not true, at most Google penalize the link farm, but if consultation with any professional webmaster seriously, “he will tell you that this form of attempts to improve the positioning is not is recommended and even less if you want a formal web site and gain prestige.

As many of these sites are created by spammers, there is something you should know, and you can have some problems with this practice as you have to register to enter and leave the site all your data, these are harvested and sold to companies which, in turn, are juicy e-mail lists, that they also sell, everything is business as you see. The truth is that this can start to get spam to your email box without knowing from where and in very large quantity, with the obvious discomfort and loss of time that this causes. You ever been offered lists with thousands of e-mail addresses for a few dollars? , Well I think I understand. In addition, as you no doubt I would like to join one of these lists, do not you be interested in buying. Finally: What is important is that you should not confuse, reciprocal links are, as I said, lawful and is valuable that you have on your website, but it is just one more way to improve the positioning, is not unique. The fact is that everything comes from working in the directory, publishing articles, creating interesting content, posting on blogs, participating in forums, etc. etc. Finally, the Link Farm are considered a form of spam by search engines, simply avoid them.

Cloud Computing

This is a relatively new term on the Internet, computing in the cloud (cloud computing), is not nothing but programs and computing services distributed over the Internet, any user of this service, companies or individuals have access to available applications in the internet cloud. Originally designed for business, and Amazon began in 2006 launched its program EC2, and although payment service access other applications and developments, the fact is that all internet users have benefited from the arrival of this new service on the network. The institutions, agencies and enterprises are able to rent space in virtual servers for internal data stored there and private, and even can host their own applications and programs. So get a lower cost, and how suppliers are huge, should not worry about server maintenance or difficulties outside hosting service produced ineffective. On the issue of companies, agencies and institutions, obtained many advantages with this service so if you have a business I suggest you to learn more about the subject. An excellent service that you can begin to investigate is Google Apps, and see all the possibilities that offers, which are many and excellent. Corporate email, calendars, documents, internal chat, web sites, office suite (Office suite), contact management, private control panel, and data storage basically Google’s servers, along with many other things that the employer know the difference. Every day there are more companies taking advantage of Google’s technology platform and derive an excellent service and messaging computerization.

You have option to pay service or free service obviously less resource capacity. SOME ADVANTAGES AND UTILIZATION: Substantial reduction in costs, requires no hardware or software or Less time system management information There is no loss of reliability and security of permanent and automatic updates Google Optimized System Access team work from anywhere, business, office, home, a cyber cafe, or wherever. I really suggest you explore all the functions, applications and possibilities of this system, for now, keeps costs low and affordable for any company as long as it is an SME, medium or large. You can also access similar services provided by other companies such as Microsoft Azure and Eyeos Many argue that these new technologies greatly help companies to do business. But although it has been called “the natural evolution of the Internet” also has its detractors.

The famous American programmer Richard Stallman, a real authority on the matter, criticized the cloud computing considering that everyone should run their processes in their own hardware and free software, and that anything else was a trap. Finally: Well, you see something for all tastes, beyond opinions for or against, I think, like everything else, one must draw their own conclusions but based on his own experience. But I think that there is a very revealing and demonstrative data confirms that new technologies bring progress and growth, and is, for some reason more than two million businesses are using Google Apps currently only, excluding all other companies that provide the same service . Well, something to investigate, but most of all to incorporate your business.. More info: Pinck & Co.