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Drilling Companies

Modern life has become hard to imagine not having a building. Every day, everywhere erected more and more new buildings. At present we can not live without such facilities as schools, hospital, store or ordinary dwelling house. These and other objects must necessarily have a water supply system. But no difficulty is not formed, if possible to connect to a central water supply networks. And what do you do if this is not possible? In this case it is necessary to carry out drilling under water. Individual wells is a primary element in the system of independent water supply in cottages or cabins, meets the needs for clean water or water for household needs.

Drilling operations should be performed using special drilling machines. Depending on what depth will be performed well, boring work can be divided into two types: drill filter wells and the drilling of artesian wells. The first made a small depth (10-30 meters). The service life of this type well, a little 15 years. Drilling is up to the aquifer, which is located in sandy soils.

Among disadvantages of this type of wells professionals say the likelihood of water pollution as a consequence of occurrence of the aquifer close to the surface. Also, less is a relatively short period of service. The advantages can be include a relatively small cost of doing work in sravneii with drilling deep wells. Artesian wells are much deeper (from 20 meters to 200). It will serve, respectively, over a long time (50 years and more). K disadvantage is, the high cost of this type of work and duty to obtain a license. The advantages – quality and consistency of its water level. Drilling wells filter takes less time than artesian. Professionals sell sand drilling wells for 1 day, and artesian for 3-7 days. It is interconnected with the drilling depth and complexity. Drilling wells in Leningrad under the water can be carrying a lot of companies. Necessary carefully select a company to implement this kind of work. Their choice is better to give a demonstrated positive and established companies. Drilling company is obliged to give a guarantee for the implementation of the specified time. Still good, that it has the latest equipment and professional staff.