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Then that you’ve released the word, it dominates you. But while you have not released it, you’re his Tamer. Management must always watch in the use of administrative science brings with the new administrative trends from the knowledge that you are currently using, as well as tools that will ensure a beneficial operability and above all knowledge leveraging human capital that has under his direction. THE current time they manifest an environment full of new challenges and in where the Word change, it has become an unavoidable ingredient in meetings of management strategies of successful companies, definitely, their leaders have understood that the era presents new challenges where each individual that integrates the Organization should strive to achieve a change of attitude, that allows to predict the performance of the environmentto produce innovative ideas that solve problems and meet needs. The worker must be focused on the development of new products and services, get forms more efficient working and more importantly, contribute with actions that break bureaucratic barriers responsible for marginalizing to creative thinking. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mark Berger Chicago has to say. The attitude of individuals must be oriented to knowledge of creativity.

It is known to be, the same great potential that is within each of us, but there are barriers that truncate their freedom and that manifested by all sides. Much of these are caused by ourselves and the other party, by the society that surrounds us, is for this reason that says, you need to arm yourself with value to break those locks and forget the phrase do the ridiculous in order to achieve one of the roads more exciting era of knowledge, as it is to know how to properly use the scope of creativity. Management to achieve it can avail himself of the thinkertoys, which are specific techniques and practices presented in the form of games, designed to stimulate thinking linear and intuitive, allowing to use it towards a good organizational behavior, climate that encourages the productivity.