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Professional Hair Care

Why do I need professional care zavolosami, you ask, why do we need a professional hair care? In hair a lot of problems if they do not, and no care for them, then they will be. Our hair is part of our body, they are just as we react to stress, illness, exposure to the environment. But that is not enough, because we want to be beautiful, we torment our hair dyes, perms, styling. And since without this we can not, it would be always have at hand the means to reduce all the aggression that our hair is suffering. A series of "Maxim" – is the maximum care for the hair. Series consists of three kinds of shampoo. This RN – neutral shampoo adds volume and shine to hair, making them pliable, easy to comb. The ideal product for the frequent use of 1000 ml and 250.

Normalizing shampoo with Alpha gidrokislotami deeply cleanses the hair, is used as prophylaxis anti-dandruff and hair loss, also gives the hair volume, softness and shine. Shampoo for damaged hair with rice protein can help repair damaged hair, a protective film that coats the hair and gives it elasticity and shine. Balm provides instant rice protein conditioning effect, facilitates combing. Its formula is rich in rice protein, gives volume, shine, do not overload the hair. Regenerating cream restores the hair, moisturizes damaged parts. Revitalizing Emulsion, cosmetics and silk with selikonom protein. Fluid liquid crystals with extracts of flax seed. Shampoos are different and different clients come: with dyed, who visited in the sun hair with a perm.

Bacteria And Skin Selection

Skin selection is a breeding ground for bacteria flora of the skin. The main advantage for a person of normal microflora of bacteria – protection against pathogens, stimulation of the immune system of the body in the digestive tract – Production of vitamins and splitting trudnousvoyaemoy food. Per square centimeter of skin is from 32 thousand to 1.5 million microbes. Skin covered with hair wet and then colonized by microbes to a greater extent. Usually the skin is dominated by Gram-positive bacteria. Typical inhabitants of the skin are different types of Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Propionibacterium, Corynebacterium, Brevibacterium. In a small number on healthy skin can meet the so-called transit microflora, mainly it Streptococci, E.

coli, fungi and yeast. Contact information is here: ClearSky Business. The vast majority of microbes, including pathogens, do not penetrate intact skin barrier and die from the effects of bactericidal factors of the skin: – lysozyme – acidic environment – the availability of free fatty acids. In the case of an avalanche growth of opportunistic species Propionobaktery ICD and its acceding to them, most often staphylococcus, is the development of pustular inflammation, manifested by the appearance of papules, pustular elements on the skin (or easier – pustules). All of this is shown against a background of reducing local and general immunity. Hear from experts in the field like Michael Antonov for a more varied view. Ie is conditionally pathogenic microflora, but yesterday did not cause any harm, can now cause piokokkkovoy infection. And to enhance and strengthen the local immune response of laboratory research, "NS" was ultimately offer to enter into cosmetic products, "Propeller" ingredient lactulose. Lactulose amazing properties have been confirmed by studies of the major scientific institutions: – the Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Yaroslavl Medical Academy under the guidance of Doctor of Medicine Malafeeva EV, – in the laboratory of immunology at the Institute of Biophysics Professor Klemparskoy NN, – in a test Institute of Beauty cents.

On the basis of results was made the following conclusions: "In an environment with the addition of Lactulose increases the activity of enzymes such as lysozyme, which is a protective factor in nonspecific resistance. In his turn causes an increase in lysozyme activity lipoliliticheskoy skin, decreased by its aging – Lactulose has a bacteriostatic effect on Staphylococcus, propionbakterii, microorganisms kind Rroteus, P. Aeruginosa, fungi Candida; – Lactulose may be the restoration of water-electrolyte and energy metabolism and be the basis of hydrating (moisturizing) of cosmetic products – Lactulose creates a thin film on the surface and, with bacteriostatic action, can serve as a component of cosmetic cleansing and toning properties have – Lactulose has no side effects, no toxicity and mutagenic effects, not is an irritant and allergenic action. " The entire complex of valuable effects as needed for problem skin as both prevention and fight against pyoderma. New product cosmetics "antiakne" – Lactulose – opens up new ways to create modern, efficient means of combating the problem of acne. Thanks to the innovative introduction of cosmetics "propeller" Lactulose to classical properties in the fight against acne (Anti-bacterial effect, drying, increased keratolytic activity, decreased activity of the sebaceous glands) added additional features that enhance protivognoynichkovy effect by activating natural immunity, such as: increased activity of the main bactericidal enzyme natural immunity – lysozyme; inhibited the growth of staphylococci and propionobaktery; restored water-electrolyte and energy metabolism, moisturized and toned up the stratum corneum.